Gambling At The Convenience Store!

Across the nation, internet cafes, sometimes consisting of just two or three
seats, have cropped up in the oddest places; convenience stores, gas stations,
truck stops, etc. etc.  Are people rushing to these places to play World of
Warcraft?  I think not.  The alure is a different type of gambling. One that is
legal, sort of.

These computers have the look feel and sound of real slot machines and/or poker
card rooms.  How does it work?  Customers purchase time on the computers and earn
coupons to a free sweepstakes.  Then they go online to play a game like slots
or poker to see if they won.






I always thought a permit was required to run any type of sweepstakes, even if
it is a church running the sweepstakes.  On the other hand, some people compare
this with when you buy a Big Mac at McDonald’s and or chicken McNuggets you get
a free entry into their game, which offers prizes.

Small potatoes you say?  Experts have estimated that this type of internet cafe
sweepstakes takes in more than $10 BILLION per year and the states do not get
one red cent in taxes.


You can bet that will change soon!



REVIEW: Xbox 360 World Of Tanks!

A recent blast of popularity is the freemium category, (free-to-play), is
a Massively Multiplayer Role Playing games is World of Tanks.  Tanks battles
of WW2 films have always been a favorite of mine, so this game brings it home.


It is available on the Xbox 360 and you will need to already have a Live
Gold subscription.  If you have that, then World of Tanks is free to play.
However, free to play means that you can get into the game, you can get it
rolling, but to advance your tank fleet you will need to buy the extras.



You will be impressed with the opening screen, but the first thing you should
do is click on the Training tab and learn the basics of game-play.  Without
that you could be a sitting duck for the enemy forces that are battle hardened.



On the training tab, you will find tutorials and information about tank classes,
(the types of tanks and strengths).  You will also find details about all the
menus and how to use them.



Remember, World of Tanks is an online multiplayer game only. No single player
content, no offline multiplayer. Right from the start you will be against
the best tank commanders in the world!

N. Korea Prepares Attack Using Games!!!

With today’s highly advanced global technology, online games can actually
be used as ammunition for a cyber attack that could easily have global
reach.  Yes, N. Korea, could launch an attack that could cripple the US
banking system, Wall Street, or even the international Swift montary transfer




A North Korean hacker was caught posing as a South Korean game developer with
vastly reduced rates. The hacker would modify any game to the customer’s
specifications and, at no extra charge, include hidden malware code that could
collect IP addresses and then just run in the background, essentially, creating
a huge botnet.  He was also trafficing games with the same hidden malware.


This may seem like no big deal, but earlier this year banks and TV stations in
South Korea were crippled by what the South Koreans believe was a North Korean
DDoS attack.

If the North Koreans could hijack home computers all over the world by distributing
modified games, they could do some very serious damage.  Even though the North
Korean leader is a bit “out of his mind”, the people of North Korea are not stupid,
they are very well trained in computer programming and internet protocols.  Everyone
needs to keep their guard up at all times.

5,000 Gambling Accounts Created In One Day!

On November 21, New Jersey began it’s first test of online gambling.  Just nine
days later, 32,277 gambling accounts had been created and on that same day, the
30th of November, 5,000 new gambling accounts were added.


I guess New Jersey has a lot of people that like to throw their money away
with rigged casino games.  You know they are rigged, right?  You know the
house always wins and the players always lose. You know that right?


The only game where a player actually has a chance is poker, but winning in
poker is almost always about bluffing your oppenents.  No one can control
the cards that are dealt.  Those odds are equal, but someone that can bluff
convincingly has a chance of winning.  Unfortunately, online poker is not
face to face, so there is not really the same bluff dynamic involved.


New Jersey is the third state in the United State to offer online gambling,
after Nevada and Delaware.  All of the games that are offered in New Jersey’s
land based casinos are also offered to the online players.


If religion was NOT the people’s opium, it would certainly be gambling.