The NSA Is Inside Your Game!!!

Absolutely shocking, but then, on second thought, this type of spying is
normal nowadays.  Of course it is for national security reasons, right.
Everything the NSA, and other federal agencies that we don’t even know exist,
is supposedly for national security.  To protect us. It’s for our own good.
Blah, blah blah.  And it has all been approved by a SECRET court.  LOL.





Now, I see that documents released by Edward Snowden show that the NSA
infiltrated online games such as World Of Warcraft and Second Life in
order to analyzing in-game communications for the potential terrorist
activity.  Surely, those were not the only games that the NSA infiltrated,
they are not that conservative; they want it all.



“So many different U.S. intelligence agents were
conducting operations inside games that a ‘deconfliction’
group was required to ensure they weren’t spying on,
or interfering with, each other,” wrote the Guardian.



So, since the NSA has been monitoring in-game communications for years,
I hope you did not say anything terror-like.  Oh well, either you are
on their list or not.  You will find out some day.



Blizzard Entertainment’s statement:
“We are unaware of any surveillance taking place. If it
was, it would have been done without our knowledge or



Yah, spies do not usually ask for permission nor announce themselves.

FACT: 75% Of Women Play Online Games!

Everyday, more and more women are getting on their PC’s, tablets, and cell
phones to play games.  Most men resent women playing online games, especially
if the game is a war or a shooter game.  It is okay if they play with puzzles
or quizzes, but stay out of our manly world, that is how most men think.


But, there a few men that think it is sort of cool, because they are lonely
and socially inept. Meeting a chick in a game might solve that problem and
the guy can finally get laid.



In Turkey, another Muslim country where women are treated like livestock rather than
real human beings, 75% are playing online games.  Well, first of all, I am
surprised that they can afford a PC and connection, but probably they are
going to internet cafes, (if they are allowed to do that in Turkey).


FEMEN protester in Trukey

According to wikipedia:
“Women in Turkey continue to be a victim of rape and
honor killings; furthermore research by scholars
and government agencies indicate widespread domestic
violence in Turkish population.”
“Widespread domestic violence” means the men are beating their wives. No
wonder they get out of the house to play online games.



“In 2013 Turkey was rated 120 out of 136 countries in terms of
gender gaps in education, health, politics and economics by the
World Economic Forum. When it comes to violence against women,
Turkey is known to be one of the worst in all of Europe.”



This, of course, demonstrated the overwhelming ignorance of the males.

GAMBLING: Cops Above The Law!

New South Wales, AU

Two cops that thought they had a great idea to make a few extra bucks
have been arrested and they are going to jail.  These two cops made a
deal with a few professional gamblers to place bets on their behalf.

It is like this:  some betting agencies refuse to take bets from very
successful, professional gamblers, so these pros had to find someone
else that would place bets for them.  They found cops!  Gees, of all





“The scheme involved establishing and using accounts
with a number of different internet gambling agencies,”
Couselor Hamill told the Police Integrity Commission.



The two cops arrested were not enough though, so they got personal
information of other past and present officers and used that infomation
to place additional bets.  Basically, they set up a racket.  A small
organized crime scheme.



“The evidence gathered to date suggests that Constable Williams
and Constable Smith were associated with at least two such lucky
and professional gamblers.  The gambling agencies were tricked
into accepting the bets from people they would otherwise
refuse to accept bets from” According to Hamill.



Constable Smith admitted to fraud at the hearing and said that he
was only trying to help his professional gambler friends.  He also
admitted to having a gambling problem of his own for which he took
out a bank loan to cover his losses.

How To Lose $300,000 Playing Online Games!

Wild, crazy, and insane is how I descript EVE Online. In case you are not familar
with EVE Online, EVE is the in-game name of a giant wormhole somewhere in the Milkyway
which leads to some other galaxy far, far away.  Anyways, the playes of EVE Online
commonly have large battles with the space ships.






It is truly amazing how so many people can get so involved in a computerized fantasy.
Sure, we all like playing games, but what happened to bowling, horse shoes, card games,
and board games? Are they just too boring?  I’ll tell you what happened.  They do not
offer enough fantasy and they are all face to face with REAL people.  Who needs THAT?



Oh yah, the $300,000 dollars down the galactic drain pipe or worm hole.  Well, the short
version is that they had a HUGE battle between galaxies or whatever and the ships, (some
can cost up to $5,000), and the structures on inhabited planets, and all the weaponry
that was destroyed totaled about $300,000.



Of course, much of that $300,000 was actually earned within the game, but a lot of
it came from these fanatical, dedicated players buying in-game assets.  Oh well,
easy come, easy go.