Is This World Real or Virtual?

There is probably some truth to the statements that claim that some
people confuse the virtual world with the real world.  They can seem
to merge together.





When I was a kid, I read On The Beach, a book about the end of the world
due to nuclear war, during study hall.  When the bell rang and I walked
through the halls to my locker, I was still thinking that the world was
coming to an end soon.  That only lasted a few seconds thankfully, but it
shows how a person’s mind can be absorbed by a good book or any good,
engaging story.  Later in life, I read The Godfather and at times, I felt
that I was one of them and I felt that the mafia guys were the good guys.
It is sort of scary how the mind can bend like that.



Now, back to online video games.



“The International Committee of the Red Cross have called
for video games to punish crimes committed in battle by
adhering to real-life international war conventions.”



Ha!  Now who is getting things mixed up?  They want the game developers
to build in punishments for virtual war crimes?

Singapore Bans Online Gambling?

Singapore does not currently allow online gambling within it’s borders, but
plenty of Singaporeans are gambling remotely on websites that are located
outside of Singapore.  Enough so that there is a problem according to some
people. Of course, other people say there is no big problem at all.



In order for the government of Singapore to prevent it’s citizens from
accessing out of country gambling websites, it would have to take some
drastic measure similar to China and N. Korea banning sites outsite of
their borders.  On the other hand, restricting advertising of gambling
in Singapore would be a good beginning and much less draconian.



In order to block access to gambling websites, the Singapore government
would have to pass legislation which orders all ISPs in the country to
implement the block.  The government would have to have a comprehensive
list of all gambling sites world wide, up to date, and provide that list
to all the ISPs.

Of course, they could do what the US has done, prohibit all banks and
credit card companies from accepting payments that are meant for gambling
sites, but that would a mess for Singapore just as it has for the US.
Not to mention that blocking those websites could be an infringement
on certain free trade agreements that the Singapore government has signed.

Boy Shoots Grandmother After Playing Grand Theft Auto IV!

Crazy huh?  The title sounds like I just made it up, but sadly, that is not
the case.  An 8 year old boy, at home with his grandmother, pulled a gun and
shot her in the back of her head while she was watching TV.





The boy claims it was an accident.  Huh?  “I accidentally pointed the gun
at grandma,then I accidentally pulled the trigger”.  According to reports, the boy

had been playing some video games known to include violent content, so of course,

many people are putting the blame on the games.  Meanwhile, the police believe

there is evidence that it was not an accident.

However, the boy will not be charged with any crime because under Louisiana
law, a child younger than 10 is exempt from criminal responsibility. Hmmm.
So, criminals could trick kids under ten to assassinate their foes and the
kids would never be charged with a crime?



Many questions have gone unanswered in this incident.  Where was the gun?
Why was it not locked up?  Why was it loaded?  It is reported that the gun
did belong to the grandmother.  At 87 years old, she needed a gun?  Is
Louisiana that dangerous?

Man Sets Guinness Games World Record!

According to the just-released Guinness World Records 2014 Gamer’s Edition,
Michael Thomasson, holds the world record for the biggest collection of
video games: 10,600.  Has he played them all?  No, he has not played them
all and he says he only plays games about 3 hours a week.


That is quite a few games, but he is a serious collector ever since he
was 12 years old.  Married now with kids and his wife is a game designer.
Michael says his collection is worth over $700,000.  We do not know if that
is what he spent on it or if that is what he could sell it for.



The previous record holder was Richard Lecce, who held the record since
2010 with 8,616 games. Richard is still collecting games and he does
not know how many games are actually in his current collection.



To me it just seems like a waste of space and those are games that some
little kid could not afford to buy. These guys are not collecting, they
are hording.  I think they should donate all their games to Toy4Tots or
some other such group.  Help some kids less fortunate.