Casino Gamblers Are Just Plain Stupid!

There are millions of casino gamblers that this articles does NOT pertain to,
namely those that go to casinos for the bright lights, the glitter, free drinks,
and the overall entertainment.

The casino gamblers that I address here are the ones that stupidly think that
they can WIN.  They think that they have a chance to beat the house.  Also,
this article is not about in-person poker tables since in that case the players
are betting against each other.







The Wall Street Journal studied several databases and drew a few conclusions:
Eighty-nine percent of gamblers lost money in a study of 4,222 people in
online gambling in Europe.  Of those that won, very few won more than $150.
Now when you analyse the big bettors, 95% lost money!  And the big losers
out numbered the winners 128 to 1.

Another example, is of 18,000 gold-memberships at US casinos, only 13% won any money.

What to do?  Get the hell out of the casinos, they are based on luck and the
odds are in the house’s favor by a long shot.  Instead, look into wagering where
there is skill involved, such as, the sports of American football, soccor, baseball,
basketball, racing, etc. etc. Study those games.

FACT: Video Games Increase Brain Power!

Video games have a bad reputation for being just a mindless way of wasting
one’s life.  And the way some people, especially the young people, play the
games, this is very true.  Like spending your entire summer school vacation
just playing PC games and nothing else, that will turn your brain to mush.






However, a new study by UC-Sanfrancisco and published in the scientific journal
Nature, confirms that the human brain never stops learning.  It also found that
games designed with specific educational goals in mind can actually improve a
person’s brain performance.



Tests were done on two groups of volunteers, one young groups and the other
group was of older folks.  The purpose was to find out if playing these
specially designed games could improve attention, reaction time, and hand
eye coordination.



Both groups played a specially designed road game that has the goal of improving
attention and focus.  After just 12 hours, (not consecutive hours), the older
group ages 60 to 79 did as well as the younger group aged in their 20’s. And
more remarkable, the improvements were still evidents six months later and the
skills extended beyond just playing that one same game.

Over 1.2 BILLION People Are Playing Games!

That is a lot of people and certainly a lot of PCs, laptops, tablets, and
cell phones, (did I leave something out?). Just imagine how many electrons
are zooming around just for games!




Of those 1.2 billion, 500 million are playing games offline on their devices
and about 700 million are playing games online.  That 700 million is about
44% of the world’s online population.  If aliens discover this they will see
how easily Earth could be conquered since so many are busy doing nothing. They
could just infiltrate all the games and take over our minds.

Many people don’t know how big gaming is.  Gaming is a huge
part of people’s online activities. It’s really mainstream,
crossing age and gender boundaries.” said Oscar Diele, chief
marketing officer at Spil Games.  Spil Games is a Netherland
based game developer specializing in games for girls with a
reach of about 50 million girls.

Spil Games collected a huge set of data recently from over one dozen game sources and
after analysis, the data shows that 46 percent of gamers are women and 54 percent are men.

They sorted the male and female games by category of games they play and found that the
top categories for males are racing, sports, and other action games, no surprise there.
For the young girls with was cooking, dress-up, and pet care. For the adult women, it
was puzzles, quiz, and word matching.