Are Aliens Making You Gamble?

This is a pretty important question to ask oneself if you spend any more
that just a casual few hours and just a few dollars that you could afford
to lose.  I know a few people that gamble on a cruise ship once a year.
They have told me they lost hundreds playing this or that casino game,
but, for them, it is a once a year activity and they saved that money up
in advance, they could afford to lose it.  That still makes no sense to
me, but each to his own, I guess.



If you are addicted to ANYTHING, you are allowing an outside, external
force to control you, to manipulate you, and you probably do not even
know it.




I used to drink a lot. It was my passion.  I got into trouble with the
law several times.  Eventually, I had to ask myself if I was an alcoholic
and I had to answer honestly.



Here are signs of gambling addiction:

  • You can not stop.
  • You gamble with money that you can not afford to lose.
  • Your reasons for gambling is more than just ‘for fun’.
  • You feel you must gamble to recover losses.
  • You go to extremes to find more money to gamble with.
  • Gambling activity has priority in your daily life.





34% Of Gamers Play On The Toilet!

According to a 17 page report by Netherlands-based Spil Games 1 of 3
gamers admit to playing their games on the toilet.





Seriously?  One out of three people around the world that play any sort
of game on an electronic device actually play while sitting on the toilet?
I would never have guessed that.  I mean, how long do they sit there?  Can
they really get much gaming done while just on the toilet?  Couldn’t it
be a bit messy?  Personally, I never take my cell phone near water, like
the kitchen or bathroom, but that is just me, I have seen tons of others
do that everyday. But maybe these gamers just don’t give a sh*t.  lol.


We could say that Spil is biased since their games cater almost exclusively
to girls. They claim to reach about 50 million girls. That is quite a few.
However, the data in this report was actually assimilated from about one
dozen game developers, publishers, and reseach groups so, in that sense,
the conclusions are over a diversified spectrum of gamers.

We wonder how the game publishers could more effectively market to these
toilet-gamers now that their toilet activities are out in the open.

New Law Says Online Games Same As Drugs and Alcohol!

The most wired country in the world, S. Korea, has gone a bit bonkers
in the law making department.  The legislators are seriously considering
a bill that would lump online games, such as, Starcraft, World Of Warcraft,
and Code Of Honor, with some of the regulations that control the addictions
of drugs, alcohol, and gambling.








Of course the bill has lots of support from parents, religious groups.
and medical professionals, but gamers and the internet industry in general
are enraged!  Although professional gamers in S. Korea are rewarded with
celebrity status and wealth, the ordinary gaming environment is considers
to be harmful to society, family, and education by many of those in power.
An example of the over zealousness of the lawmakers is a law passed two
years ago that banned gaming between midnight and dawn is currently being
repealed by the high courts.
Propelled by widespead, high speed broadband connections and internet cafes
on every corner, gaming exports have become a big source of income for S.
Korea such at the game Maple Story which earned more from abroad than from


On the other hand, though the details of the new bill are skimpy, it seems
that it will only affect the advertising of online games such as on TV,
sides of buses, etc. etc.

Online Casino Gambling In New Jersey!

A few months ago, Governor Christie signed into law a bill legalizing
online full casino gambling, not just poker.  This opens up a whole new
industry for not just New Jersey, but all 50 states.  Although, the New
Jersey law mandates that the bettors must be within in the state borders
in order to place their bets, the economic results of this new law will
have wide range implications for the whole nation.



Gov. Chistie’s office has estimated that this new law will help bring in
about $1 billion to the state’s economy which would mean about $150 million
in taxes to help balance the state’s budget.  Many economic experts are
saying that Gov. Christie has vastly over inflated those numbers and that
the real tax income will be more like $45 million.



What we find interesting is that BEFORE gambling is legalized, all the
talk is about morality and how our government should protect us from
ourselves, but AFTER the law passes, all the talk is aobut how much
money the state will take in.  lol.



And there are other analysts watching to see if the software is effective
at preventing out of state gamblers and also prevent the under 21 crowd.



We are watching also!