Pee-To-Play Video Games Are Here!

Just what all the guys have been waiting for, a video game mounted just
about the uninal in the men’s room at a baseball stadium that is controled
by a different kind of joy stick – the man’s penis while he is peeing.  Yes,
one such game is an Alpine ski jump. Pee to left and the avatar-skier turns
left, pee to the right and the avatar-skier turns right.  No coins need be
insterted, no monthly fees, just pee to play.  It doesn’t get much better
than that does it?




Will this cause men to hang out in the men’s room and miss the game?  No,
because the game only plays while the man is actually peeing.  Of course,
real gamers will soon bring their cheats, like a 32oz water bottle that
can squirt water into the urinal.



But why would a baseball stadium owner approve of such a frivious contraption?
One, publicity.  These uninal-controled video games will be the talk of the
town.  A real pisser!  Two, the screens of the games show a short advertisement,
probably for beer. lol.



There is one big problem though.  The urinal games are sexist and the ladies
are sure to petition the stadium owner for their own games in the ladies rooms.



We want to know how that will work?



7 Navy Seals Reveal Military Secrets To Game Developers!

These guys should face court martial and tossed out of the Navy like old
garbage cans, but they are the elite Seal Team 6 that killed the infamous
Osama Bin Laden, a helpless old, unarmed man living in isolation.




Why?  Well, despite signing a nondisclosure agreement and even though
the Seals, as well as all military forces, especially the elite, have an
unwritten rule to keep their special operations quiet, these Seals did
consultation work for online video game developers.  The game was called
Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Basically, these highly revered warriors gave up their honor and elite
status in order to earn a few bucks from the game developers. True, they
did not reveal any exact details of the Bin laden raid, but they did advise
on the special equipment in use and some of that “advice” included what
the Navy considers to be classified information.


So, their punishment was two months of reduced pay.  Golly!  You see, what
they were charged with by their superiors was NOT getting permission to do
the commercial consultation work to begin with.  If they had done that, all
would be well.  So, they did not follow the Navys policy.

British Beauties Getting Hooked On Gambling!

Well of course, British women are not any more immune to the addictive
nature of gambling than women of any other country, but we just have not
heard much about them.



A lot of it starts with their idle time at home watching their favorite
daytime TV shows like Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women that blast gambling ads
as often as possible to these stay at home moms.  The ads are tantalizing,
mezmerizing, and stimulate a woman’s desire for “action” of some sort.



At first, she wants to just check it out. No harm in that, right?  Then
she will join for free, why not?  Then place a little bet here or there.
That’s it for now!  But the next day, she is back to try her luck again.
She thinks it is harmless entertainment and everyone is doing it.  That
is what the advertising drums into her head.



But, the results do not seem so harmless when we hear that Britain is
opening more and more gambling counciling clinics, hotlines, and rehabs,
some are for women only since they open up more around their own gender.



The most important thing to know about gambling is that the house ALWAYS
wins.  YOU will lose eventuallty and you will lose big!  And when that
sad day comes, thoughts of hopelessness and suicide cast a dark shadow
over your life.