World Of Warcraft No Longer #1 Online Game!

I find is fascinating that free-to-play games are raking in more loot
than the monthly subscription pay-to-play games such as World Of Warcraft
and dozens of other.  Obviously, free to play games will attract more players,
but where does the increased in revenues come from?



First of all, the pay to play games really sucked right from the start. I mean,
first you PAY them, then you have to bust your butt to earn virtual gold, or
other assets such as better weapons and more armor.  But millions of people
around the world disagreed with me.  They paid every month for the priviledge
to win assets and to level up.

Then along came the free to play MMOs.  Join for free and play for free!  Players
surged at the signed up forms to get in to this new system.  The games are just
as engaging, just as realistic, but no monthly subscription!  Yehey!



Hardest hit was the biggest.. World Of Warcraft.  WoW lost almost one million
players that dumped their monthly fee and fled to the free games.



But are these games REALLY free?  They are free to play, BUT, you will be
playing at a distinct disadvantage unless you buy some in-game addons. These
addons are low cost and called microtransactions, but they add up to millions
of dollars for the merchant.

Online Virtual Worlds And Getting Laid!

What?  Getting some action by way of an online virtual world game did not
occur to you?  Have you been living under a rock?  The latest studies show
that women account for up to 46% of online gamers.  And these are not welfare
moms with five kids and a pile of dirty clothes on the floor. These are
educated, working girls.  Career girls.



They have money, cars, and nice clothes.  But they have no man or the man

they have is boring, (or abusive).

That is why they are sitting alone at a computer playing a game with a million
other people from all over the world: they want some excitement and YOU could
be the guy that delivers!


One game in particular called Words With Friends, (it is sort of like the
Scrable board game), has a button that will provide a random opponent. You
have a 50-50 chance of playing a game with a lady!  Woot!  But there are
other games where it is even easier to find a ummmm… play mate.


In fact, the online dating industry has discovered that by offering games they can
attract more men and women.  And those men and women will pay an extra fee
to play some interesting games with someone that matches their own profile.

Greatest Poker Player In History – CHEATING!

Archie Karas best know for holding the record for the longest winning
steak in history that he earned when he arrived in Las Vegas with $50 in his
pocket in 1992 and going on to amass $40 million from high-stakes poker
within three years.  He lost all that in other casino games, but he
went back to the poker table many times and cleaned out some of the best
poker players in the world.







Sadly, Archie was busted for marking cards at the blackjack table. I guess
he was trying to avoid the stress of poker.  Blackjack is easier, but one
needs that advantage of knowing what cards are coming up next.  Archie had
a clever scheme to mark each Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace with a tiny
ink smudge delivered with a special hollowed out chip that he held in his
hand.  Well, knowing who Archie is, of course, the security cameras were on
him at all times and it was just a matter of time before they figured out
what Archie was doing.


It DID work, he won about $8,000 before they caught on to him.



Archi now faces a maximum prison sentence of five years.



Being so famous in such an elite industry, couldn’t he write books and
give lessons?  Online tutorials?  Hmmm.

How To Cheat In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

How fast can you click the SHOOT button?  In real life-or-death combat
situations, it is the side with the most fire power that usually comes
out on top and that means RAPID FIRE WEAPONS!






There are macros, (small scripts for your PC), that can fire your weapons
at extremely high rates. Your enemies will think you are a whole battalion
of machine gunners.  Again, the best source of these cheat scripts is For this rapid fire script try:


“Mire’s Macros MW2, CoD4: rapid fire + autohotkey script”

Without the quotes.



Also, try that same search on  We think that you will find
more macro-scripts than you can shake your gun at.  But remember, these
are cheats and we write about them for informational purposes only. The
games have Terms Of Service, (TOS), that forbid cheating and if you are
caught you might lose your account.



If you want to really get into this sort of stuff, try searching for a
good forum in, such as: “Multiplayer Game Hacking, Ownedcore”



And do not forget good old youtube tutorials for cheats and hacks.  We
have witnessed a lot of young online virtual world players actually
bragging that they are using a cheat for rapid fire or some other cheat.


They do not last long!