How To Cheat In World Of Warcraft!

Do NOT do this!  LOL. You will be caught and banned!  Okay there, you
have been warned!


But, lots of players are doing this stuff so you should at least know what
they are doing so you can defend yourself, right?


In cheating in any online game, the first thing to do is just a
search. For example: ‘how to cheat in world of warcraft’.


About 8,180,000 results (0.70 seconds)


You will see hundreds of results, some good, some not so good.  You need
to know that some players are pulling these cheats on you.  They may seem
skilled, but it is the cheat doing the work.


World of Warcraft is so popular that it actually has whole computer programs
built just to cheat the game.  One is called Lazybot.  This thing actually
plays the whole game for you while you watch TV or go for a nap.  It can
earn you virtual assets and even level you up while you are snoozing.


If I were to do this, which I am not planning to do, I would first spend a
week or maybe a month, full time studying the cheats for one particular
game.  Get to know them. Read all the forums, etc, etc.



But then, is it worth it to lose your account?



128 Gamblers – Mass Suicide!

Victoria, UK

Over 128 gamblers have taken their own life due to a gambling debt over the
past ten years in Victoria. How does this happen?  I mean, how does it come
to that?  Is it really, “If I lose, I will kill myself”?  Why don’t people
listen to the dangers of gambling?  Gambling is like quicksand.  You sink in
just a little at a time, but eventually, you are stuck and you can not get out,
so you just go under to your death.






Would it not be better to just move out of town?  Change your name, etc.
etc.  You would have to give up a lot, but you would be alive.  Maybe
it is the shame of their own stupidity that they can not live with.



84% of the suicides were men ages 30 to 39. 

Imagine, that is the prime of life and they throw away their only life.  Worse,

in a few of these cases, the problem gambler killed his partnet before taking

his own life. With the brick and mortar gambling sites, poker machines have

accounted for the most gambling addictions and the government has actually

ordered that all ATMs be removed from those facilities.
Many lawmakers are pushing for a $1.00 maximum bet.

How To Cheat In Counter-Strike: Source!

We do not suggest it, you might be banned and your account closed, but since
it is already happening, maybe you should be aware of what and how the cheaters
are cheating you.



Counter-Strike: Source is one of the older, but still quite popular
online games.  We found this cheat funny and so easy that probably most
players are already doing it.  The cheat is that you can make the walls that
separate you from your enemies INVISIBLE FOR YOU!  That means you can

see them,but they can not see you.  So, this will be like shooting ducks in a barrel.




Just download the files from and paste them in your Counter-Strike: Source folder
(usually in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\yourusername\counter-strike source\cstrike}

Restart the game and all the walls should be invisible.



The real trick would be to not get caught with something like this.  After all,
with an advantage this great, you would be racking up points so fast that you
would become bored and the game’s server anti-cheat software will find you.