Millions Of British Are Addicted To World of Warcraft!

World of Warcraft attracts about 12 million monthly players! It is
set in a fantasy environment with dwarves, elves and wizards. Everyone
loves magic!


It’s not about sex.

According to, there are some experts that say World
of Warcraft is as addictive as cocaine and that the Brits are so
addicted to World of Warcraft that they have completely lost touch
with reality, so some therapists are actually joining World of
Warcraft to offer treatment.  LMFAO!



Oh sure, as if the kids there are going to say they need help?  Haha!
The kids will probably just ‘kill’ the therapist’s avatars and laugh
it off.



“A recent report by Sweden’s Youth Care Foundation
described World of Warcraft as “more addictive than
crack cocaine”



Dr Richard Graham, a UK psychiatrist claims that some players are spending
16 hours a day playing World of Warcraft. Thus, neglecting their social
lives and their own physical health.  Dr. Graham has asked Blizzard, the
company that runs World Of Warcraft to waive or discount the membership
fees for therapists so that they may join and offer their services to
those players that are in need of help.  (Long odds on that!).



Will these therapists be wearing white coats with a red cross lapel pin?



To me, it just sounds like some in the mental health field are trying
to tap into a new market.  CASH, CASH, CASH!

Therapy is also addicting.



Slot Players Just Killing Time!

In a new study it was found that most slot players are more interested in
just killing time than winning a big jackpot.  That might be a bit hard to
believe, but the nature of the one-armed-bandit is that it is not time intensive,
you do not have to get “involved”, so to speak.  You just sit down, toss a coin
in and push the button. Any time you can just get up and move to another machine
or just completely walk away.




This type of information is gold for the casino operators since it lets them
know how to market their games.  Where to place the machines for the most
convenience and how to advertise the machines.  And the slots are actually
the biggest money maker per square foot for brick and mortar casinos.


Online it is somewhat different since it is all just virtual space, but still
there is overhead and the slots seem to just manage themselves.  They are
24 hour perpetual money machines.


A few years back, I went to the horse track with my brother and sister. This
track was on an Indian reservation in Connecticut, US. Part of the building
housed several slot rooms.  I did okay, I doubled my $10 up to $20.

World Of Warcraft Attacked By Virus!

Are you surprised?  I have been wondering what was taking the hackers so
long to get involved.  After all, online video game popularity has been
increasing exponentially over the last few years.  And some security experts
claim that game developers are the least concerned with security.  They are
constantly pressured to increase the realistic playing environment and
to increase the games earnings by the fierce competition in the industry.




And the players are almost blind to the attacks since they are so engrossed
in killing aliens, or whatever, and fitting in with the other members of
their guild.  Overall, online games, whether on PC, phones, notebooks, or
tablets, are really a goldmine for the cyber criminals.


So, what can the hackers and cyber criminals do after they hack into, or
after they infect an online game with a virus or trojan?  All the same evil
deeds they do when they get into a website or when they get into you Windows
PC operating system.
Most notably, they can hijack your internet connection and send out spam
email without you know it.  They can use your internet connection along with
1,000 others to crash a public web server, Ddos attack.


And dozens of other evil deeds.



90% Of Children Are Bullied Online!!!

Pew Research Center surveyed 800 children between the ages of 12 and 17 and
found that 9 out of 10 had been bullied or witnessed mean, or cruel behavior




I brought this up in an online forum and asked others for their reasons

why this happens.  Some blamed the US government because the US government
bullys other countries.  Some blamed politicians. Some blame the anonymity
of the internet, in that, no one is watching so why not?  And finally some
blamed the child’s parents.

That last reason, the parents, was the closest anyone came to taking responsibility.
Everyone is quick to put the blame elsewhere, but the only ones we can blame
are ourselves.  We raised those kids and when they misbehave, we blame others?
Think about that.



The fact is, the internet is a rough and tumble place.  There are no police. There
is no “adult” supervision: even the adults are cruel to each other. There is NO
face to face involvement, therefore, everything is said “behind their back”.
And finally, everyone is a stranger whose avatar or screen name you may never see