Man Kills Wife Over $700 Gambling Debt!

Ummm, that is NOT a lot of money.  This man obviously had some previous
mental issues, in fact, in a secretly recorded statement during a sting
setup to trick him, he actually said that he thought of killing her before.



Was it really just the $700 gambling debt?  No, not at all. He said that
the day he killed her, she came home and started ‘bitching’ at him for
some things and that triggered something inside him.  He let her settle
down at their computer desk down in the basement.  Then he snuck up behind
her and hit her in the back of her head with a two-by-four. Evidently, not
hard enough since she stood up and screamed. Duh!







Next, a struggle ensued and he strangled her with his bare hands. Later,
he wrapped her body in a blanket, put it in the trunk of her car and parked
the car at the school where she worked.



What confuses me most about this story is not just his complete stupidity
but that it took police fours years to nab him!  Are you kidding me? There
were no fingerprints or DNA on her neck?  In the car?  The trunk?  The

The Absolute Horror Of Online Virtual Worlds!

We have heard plenty about the addictive power of online virtual games, but
there is more happening that is not always in the news.  According to some
reports, Americans have doubled their weekly hours online over the last five
years.  This exceeds the time they spend watching television and is three
times as much time as they spend reading newspapers and magazines.



According to a article:
“It took humankind eight years to spend 100 million hours
building Wikipedia. We now spend at least 200 million hours
a week playing World of Warcraft.”









One psychiatrist based in Silicon Valley, Elias Aboujaoude, even gives us
a list of the horrors caused by online virtual worlds:

“It connects you to whatever you want: gambling, overspending, sex with strangers.

It speeds transactions, facilitating impulse purchases and luring you away from the difficulties of real life.

It lets you customize your fantasies and select a date from millions of profiles, sapping your patience for imperfect partners.

It lets you pick congenial news sources and avoid contrary views and information.

It conceals your identity, freeing you to be vitriolic or dishonest.

It shields you from detection and disapproval, emboldening you to download test answers and term papers.

It hides the pain of others, liberating your cruelty in games and forums.

It rewards self-promotion on blogs and Facebook.

It teaches you how to induce bulimic vomiting or kill yourself. “

This shrink needs a shrink of his own.

Little 7yo Girl Murdered For Game Money!


As strange as this headline sounds, it is true.  A 15 year old boy actually bashed
the little girl’s head with rocks until she collapsed, then took her earrings, supposedly
made of gold, but that’s doubtful. His plan was to sell the gold earrings and use
the money to play games at the internet cafe.



The boy was found and arrested the following day. The little girl died four days later of brain
injuries.  The boy told police that he devised his plan while he, the girl, and others
were in the jungle picking fruit.



Senseless, violent crimes such as this are rare in Vietnam, but in the last few years
less violent crimes of theft have occurred more often and just about all of them were
motivated by the desire to play online games at the internet cafes.



What is it about playing games online that drives people, young and old, to such
extremes?  These stories are popping up around the world almost everyday!  Sometimes
it seems that the whole world has gone crazy!  Are the online games really so much
fun that it is worth anything for more play time?  Do the games give such a sense
of pleasure that some people just can not live without them?