Hackers Have Your Credit Cards!

Well, it has happened again.  According to PokerNewsReport, some cyber criminals
have hacked into Betfair’s servers in Malta and the UK stealing millions of records
containing personal data: names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card details, etc, etc.
Betfair is the world´s largest betting company.


Is there no end to the hacking events?  Is there no such thing as online security?
If I detailed every hack intrusion that stole customer’s names, this post would
be a mile long.  I do not have the tech skills necessary to fully understand
why it seems so difficult to secure customer’s data, but with all the Phd’s in
computer science out there, it seems that someone should be able to find a



It is my opinion, that the online companies are vulnerable only because they don’t
want to pay the high price of advance security at a time when everything is going
just fine and the profits are rolling in.  However, whene this criminal intrusion
happens, the company loses customers, some permenently, it loses investors, and then
it is forced to pay for the advanced security measures.  And that just might be
the general strategy, wait until we need it, before we buy it.

Online Games Will Ruin Your Marriage!

There is something about spending long hours on a computer that irritates
intimate relationships.  It is different than other pastimes.  For example,
if the man spends long hours in the garage tinkering with a car, or whatever,
that might be okay, for some reason, the wife accepts that.  If the wife
spends long hours in the kitchen or in a home flower garden or sitting at
a sewing machine, that also might be accepted by the man.  But if either
one spends those long hours on a computer, there will be a problem.





Those traditional pastimes are accepted simply because they are leisure time
activities that are known to have some sort of theraputic value, but computers
are fancy boob-tubes or idiot boxes with no real value, no mental challenge.

So, if a man would rather spend time sitting at an idiot-box than be with
his wife, what does that tell you?  It says that he favors mindless, foolish,
senseless, nonsense over his woman. And for hours on end. How does that make
her feel?

Many marriages have been destroyed by this phenomenon.  It starts out with
small disagreements that get bigger and more caustic as time goes on.  The
spouse that is on the computer digs their heels in in order to show their
“right” to their computer time.  Their freedom!  Before long, one or the
other is out the door.

Pedophiles Playing Kids Games Online?

Registered sex offenders must give one’s full legal name, full
current address, age, all email accounts, etc, etc to the state’s sex
offender registry, right? There is a reason that the law and the courts
require this registration!


Then why is it that these same sex offenders can go online and join a online
game where children are playing games?  Once they get into the game, they
can choose any avatar, claim any gender, any age, and do in the game those
things that they can not do offline on the streets, since they are known
on the streets.



Online games are really a predators paradise!  They can become close friends
with a little girl and later make up a story so that they can meet in person
for an ice cream or whatever.



In the news recently:
“According to the Pew Research Center, 97% of teens (12-17) play computer,
web, portable, or console games and 27% of teens (12-17) play games
online with people they don’t know.”



WOW! With people that they do NOT know!!!


In New York, the state’s attorney general’s office has banned thousands
of convicted predators from online games with the aid of Microsoft, Apple,
Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive Media Group,
Warner Brothers and Sony.



What about the other 49 states?

Facebook Takes Over Gambling Industry!

This must be frustrating for the gambling industry overall, that Facebook, (FB), with
it’s 32 million user base in the United Kingdom is getting into real money casino type
gambling!  This started last year with bingo by GameSys, but that is small potatoes compared
to the deal FB has wrapped up with 888.com, a leader in the gambling industry.






FB users LOVE their FB!  Many spend hours upon hours just scrolling through the messages
photos, and videos posted on their wall, their friend’s wall, and in the favorite groups.
A certain percentage spend their whole day on FB!



With that intense engagement, FB has 100% of their attention and their loyalty.  IF, a few
of those 32 million feel the urge to wager a bet here or there, why would they leave their
beloved FB?  Instead of leaving, they can just open the 888 app!
And what do you supppose will happen in a few years when countries like US and Canada
totally legalize online casino gambling?



Chief Opperating Officer of 888.com, Itai Frieberger, says:

“888 has long recognised the potential for social gaming. Our
Facebook freemium (play-for-fun) offerings have found a significant
audience, and we are very excited by the opportunity that real
money gaming on Facebook provides. We are working closely with
Facebook on this launch, ensuring we introduce the best of both
worlds of real money and social gaming.”