Online Gamer’s Argument Turns To Attempted Murder!!

Does this kid have an anger management issue or what?  These two guys playing
with on their Xbox’es had a disagreement that turned quite heated. Since they
lived only a few doors from each other, one of them, (the victim, Kevin), issued
a challenge via the headsets, “well, come on over and we’ll settle this now”.
That was not a good thing to say at that time.  The other kid grabbed a gun,
(with just one bullet), and a knife, and ran full speed to meet the challenge.



The armed kid, who was unnamed in the news, burst into the house, past the mother,
and into the victim’s room.  He actually fired the guy but missed Kevin’s head
by a few inches, whew!  But then he pulled out the knife and stabbed Kevin 22
times!!!  Once is not enough?


Keven was able to flee the scene and paramedics arrived quickly. Luckily for
Kevin, the knife was small, although the actual size was not revealed. Anyways,
he survived!


Kevin’s attacking teen ‘friend’ is facing one charge of burglary and two counts
of attempted murder.


Over an Xbox game?  Hello?  Anyone home there?

I Killed Osama Bin Laden!

We flew in under the cover of darkness in sound-baffled black hawk helicopters.
One chopper crashed, but we then regrouped and assaulted Bin Laden’s private
quarters.  I shot Osama Bin Laden!




That’s how the new video game could play out. One and a half years ago, the US
Navy Seals stormed Bin Laden’s Pakistani compound and the rest in history and
games!  A few weeks later, Kuma Games re-created the plot to kill Osama bin Laden.
Then came more games about shooting Bin Laden, such as, a flash game from about killing Bin Laden’s ghost.



It seems that Bin Laden was, and still is, a very popular man to kill.  Pretty
much all Americans blame Bin Laden for the 9/11 attack on the twin towers in
NY city.  Of course, we should never doubt the word of our government, heh, but
personally, I have never heard any real, concrete evidence that he was behind it.
It is quite possible that the Obama administration worked this the way many law
enforcement departments operate:  find the most likely suspect and shoot to kill.



In any case, the game developers work with actual veterans to get the details of the combat as
accurate as possible.  Including the sounds the gun fire and even the sounds of barking
dogs in the neighborhood.



After all, it’s all in good fun, right?

400 Billion Poker Chips Missing!

Are you missing any of your poker chips lately?



Ashley Mitchell, a British hacker, hacked into Zynga’s servers, stole
administrative login credentials and then proceeded to siphon off some
400 billion virtual poker chip for himself.  Weeeeeee!   Free money!
Thanks Zynga!







The real value of those 400 billion virtual poker chips comes to about
$12 million, but, hit with a bit of bad luck, Mr Mitchell was only able
to convert about $70,000 before he was BUSTED!  Nice try Ashley!



How was he caught?  Well, the sheer number of missing poker chips tipped
off Zynga so they set up some sort of sting and nailed him red handed.

Once in awhile, I wish that I had that lever of coding skill, but, then
again, I know that I am clumsy and I would get caught also.  Plus, if I
could code that well, why steal?  Why not get a cushy office job with a
security firm or at a large corporation hardening their infrastructure.



But in this case, that option was not currently available to Mr Mitchell
as he was already on probation for a previous hack. LOL.  He’s lucky he
only got two years in prison this time!