All Organized Online Crime BUSTED!!!

Some online games, such as, Godfather, Gangster, and Mafioso Hitman,
have been removed from all internet cafes in a country with approximately
200 million online gamers:  CHINA!





Why?  Simply because those games glorify organized crime, and if there is
one thing that the Chinese government does NOT like, it is any type of
organization that it can not control, especially if there is criminal
intent involved somehow.  After all, it could grow large someday and
become subversive thereby threatening to the strict rule of the government.



“…the Ministry of Culture issued a notice banning online
games that feature Mafioso kingpins, marauding street gangs
or any sort of hooliganism predisposed to organization.

The decree, which promises ‘severe punishment’ for violators
but fails to specify the penalties, also prohibits Web sites
from including links to Internet games that glorify organized
crime.”  ~

This is the same government that has shut down over 1,000 web sites
for ‘vulgar’ content. Some say that sites regarding sexually transmitted
diseases were caught up in that sweep.
Industry experts claim that over 90% of games in China contain some
form of violence, but they are allowed because the context is in the
fantasy of old time warriors, with no relation to real world, current

Online Poker Gambling Is Finally Legal!

Even though the Obama administration has recently flip-flopped with online
gambling to the extent that lottery tickets may be sold online by states,
if they wish to do so, other forms of betting such as on poker are not
okay with the Feds.  However, the federal law relies on payment processors
to prohibit the bet-money.  Betting websites that take bets online usually
do so by tricking the banks and credit card companies, (until they get caught).



What if you could bet without using money?





Enter, bitcoins, the amazing non-money, online currency that is taking the
online world by storm.  There is no bank, no credit card company, no government
that is tied to or linked to bitcoins.  It’s almost like using play-money, except
that bitcoins CAN be converted to real dollars or other currency.  That step
of converting the bitcoins to dollors might be the weak link, better to spend
those bitcoins online. Many online merchants are seeing the value of bitcoins
and are accepting bitcoins for their merchandise and or services.  Just one
example, sells extra features for it’s free blogging platform and
has announced that it will accept bitcoins for payment.



Recently, I even heard of a bitcoin debit card!  Imagine that!

Hitmen For Hire Online!

Slighty creative, but dumb idea.

This father was upset because his 25 year old son was avoiding employment
and playing games online all day. So what? Let him play, he will grow
up in his own time. After all, we all march to the beat of our own drum.



But NO, in the rush to have his son join the daily grind of the workforce,
where he will become just another mindless puppet of some corporate machine,
this loving father came up with the dumb idea of hiring virtual hit men to
track down his son’s avatar and kill him!






I had not heard of virtual hitmen before this news item and it never really
occurred to me that any such thing might exist. After all, it is all just
virtual stuff, like cartoons. Why would a real person hire a make-believe
cartoon character to kill another make-believe cartoon character?



Oh well, I suppose stranger things have happened and now with faster, hyped
up computers and blazing internet speeds we have virtual worlds everywhere.
Even the US military is using virtual world battlefields to train special
operation forces.



In any case, this father’s idea did not work. The kid eventually just asked
his assassins why they were killing him everytime he came online. LOL. And
they spilled their guts.