Online Gambling – DC Politicians Change Their Minds!

It is, no it is not!  That is the situation.  The District of Columbia,
aka Washington DC, home to hundreds of crooked, corrupt politicians and
thousands of greedy, back-stabbing lobbyists are getting set to repeal
the lawfulness of online gambling that they themselves passed just a
few months ago in April of 2011.




The only good thing, if you call this good, is that no licenses were
ever issued, therefore by repealing the law, they are not putting any
gambling businesses out of business.  Gee thanks guys!

When questioned why they are repealing the law that they themselves
passed, the answer was, as usual from politicians, rather vague. One
council member said that not enough thought and discussion went into
the initial bill, so they just need to start over again from the
beginning.  Huh?


Even the mayor wants to reconsider.  The mayor’s spokesperson Pedro
Ribeiro said,
“It’s become such a divisive issue. It’s not critical to the
fiscal needs of the city. It’s just better to stop this, take
a few steps back, take a deep breath and figure out where to
go from here.”



Where to go from where?

Virtual Goods Have NO Value Offline!

That is what many legal experts are saying!

Billions of dollars are spent each year on virtual online goods or
assets.  A few examples of these goods are game-weapons, armor, ammunition,
special powers, farming supplies, tools, cattle, virtual real estate,
drinks, dancing, etc. etc. You name it, someone is selling it in a virtual
online world.  And people are paying REAL money for this make believe






Although the make believe goods have no value in the legal sense, if any
of those goods are stolen, a court could rule that a crime has been committed
and order the defendant to make financial compensation.  I did hear of one
case, where a player tricked another player in to giving his password, then
the trickster moved some furniture from the other guy’s room to his own.
That was back in 2008 in some game called Habbo Hotel.  The trickster was
caught and had to pay up.



I wonder how difficult it was to trick the password from the other player?
How many times have we been warned NEVER give out your password?



Oh well, some people never learn, I guess.

Survive This Game and Get Hired!

This is new to me.  Companies are having applicants play a certain online
game that tests their ability to interact with the work environment. One
game that I have heard of is called Reveal.  In the game, the applicant
has a task to complete which requires assistance from other departments
of the company.  So, the applilcant needs to navigate the game in a logical
sequence and obtain assistance from others.  Those others have various
reactions to the applicants request. Some are busy, some are rude.



It is all great fun and if you survive the game, you might get hired.




I have also heard that Marriott International has a hiring-game called
My Marriott Hotel.  Some say that it is similar to Facebook’s Farmville.
In this game the applicant must manage a virtual kitchen then move on to
other areas of the usual hotel operations.  The applicants earn points
for happy customers and lose points for poor service.