World’s Biggest Online Gambling Bust!

$11 Billion dollars?  Holy moly!  That is more than some countires take
in all year!  That is what a certain ring of mobsters took in with their
global betting scheme.





These were Chinese gangsters based on Shanghai, but the betting will hooked
up with oversears gambling websites in order to facilitate Chinese users to
place bets on sporting events and card games.



After three months of investigating, the Chinese police have arrested more
than fifty people that were involved in the betting scheme.



I guess there are lots of Chinese with money to spare if they can toss $11
billion dollars into online betting.  The Chinese economy is doing great,
so it must be the seccussful business men that are spending all that money
on gambling.



According to some insider reports, this particular gang handled over $10
billion dollars from January to July this year.  That’s a lot of rice!



This was a big bust for the Communist Part that banned gambling saying
it was one of the big evils of the old regime.  Oddly, Macau, which is
a special administrative region of China, claims to have the world’s
biggest gambling hub with casinos that are world renowned.

Who Owns The Largest Gaming Platform?

With 50 million active users, Friendster is the largest online gaming platform
in the Asian region!  Friendster boasts 100 million active users globally.




According to records, Friendster started in 2002 as one of the first pioneers
in the Web 2.0 sphere.  Introducing user share photos, videos, updates, and
connect with one another online.  About 2009, Friendster was acquired by Asia’s
leading e-payment provider, MOL Global in a deal valued at $39.5 million.



Friendster recently rolled out it’s new completely renovated interface with
more than 50 online games including role-playing, strategy, and card games
and is expected to have over 120 games in the next few months.



Friendster also has a reward system that awards points for just about everything,
such as, adding friends, engaging with friends, daily log-in, and playing game,
So, no matter what a player does, they earn point-rewards!!!



Awesome strategy by Friendster!  Give’em rewards for everything!  Word of that
will get around and the teens will be signing up by the thousands!




Female Online Gamers Have More Sex!

Yes, it is true, sort of.  I am not saying that these 84% of women that
play online games are promiscuous, or that they hang out at singles bars
trying to get laid.  However, these women have lingering feelings after
playing any kind of online game.  The more aggressive within the game,
the more aggressive AFTER the game and that aggressiveness quite often
manifests in sexual activity with her partner!  WOOT!





So, in short, get your woman into online games and you will get more…
ummm….physical pleasure from her.


    • 38% of female online gamers have sex at least three times a week.
    • 70% of female online gamers are happy with their sex life.
    • 66% are married.
    • 22% never married.
    • 14% are separated, divorced or widowed.

So there you have it.  Toss out all those relationship guides and just
buy her Nintendo or Play Station.

Have Fun!

Would You Kill Yourself For $13,000?

Maybe it was the horrible embarrassment of it all.  How could he face his
friends and family after making such completely ill-judged decisions with
his online gambling?






He was a talented football player, but had a nasty knee injury hampering
his career, so while convalescing, he started making bets on all sorts of
sporting events. He knew sports, so he should do good at it, he thought.



Adam Billing, 27, from Liskeard, ended his life for $13,000.



My only guess is that he could not face the shame that he perceived he
would suffer for his decisions with online gambling.  He was a successful
kid, a good looking kid, with a future.



What if he had turned it all around and said:  “Now here’s a life challenge
that not many can handle, but I can!”?



Then, after working off that debt, somehow, he could then talk to other
kids and warn them of the pitfalls of online gambling.



He could have been a valuable asset to his community.



What a shame.