Role Playing With Perverts, Pedophiles, and Predators!

The creepiest creeps are online playing role-playing games with your
kids and you will never know when they meet offline.  These creeeps
actually study how to ‘groom’ a child into uploading a photo of themself.
First, just a regular pictue, then a pictre of legs, then wearing
short-shorts, or maybe in pajamas.  Little by little, they lure your
kid into a wicked web of deceit!


Your kid does not know who is really behind that other sweet-talking,
friendly avatar.  Even adults can be fooled by sweet talking avatars,
imagine how vulnerable a young child?



Once the creep gets a ‘revealing’ picture, it’s time for blackmail:
“Do this or I will show your pic on the internet!!”



They kid gets scared.  Another tactic is “meet me in the park or else”.



Most parents are unaware of this constant threat or they will say: “Oh
Susie knows all about that… we talked”.



That’s a good start, but is little Susie really knowledgable of all the
tricks these creeps might try?  Are her parents actually aware of all
the secret techniques?



What is the answer?  Education from professionals.

Online Games Cyber Criminals Make Millions!

We are talking here about the professionals, the gangs, the organized cyber crime
industry.  They are big and they are BAD!  They do not stop at stealing a few
hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars.  They go for the throat! They
want millions of dollars and they get it!







How?  Through deception, (aka social engineering), they trick people into revealing
personal financial information. In some cases, they trick people into making their
financial information more easily obtainable. These guys target lots of different games,

such as, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, EVE Online, and plenty of the casual

games also.



In one recent case, a Chinese gang was making an offer through online game chat
which was so good that people just could not resist checking it out.  But as soon
as those people clicked the link, very evil malware was installed on their computers
which revealed the bank, credit card, and paypal information.  In this one particular
case of the Chinese gang, it was reported that they stole over $48 million dollars
before they were nabbed.  Possibly they took in more than that and hid it.



Be careful online who you talk to and what links you click on!

182 Countries Took Bets On London Olympics!

If you liked long odds, here you go:

  • 1,000:1 that a flying saucer will appear over Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony.
  • 250:1 that every team in the 4×400-meter relay race final drops the baton.
  • Ladbrokes will pay $50 on a $1 bet that it will rain every day.
  • 10:1 that a strike by transit workers will halt train service on the London Underground.




Sort of funny, but that’s London for you.  I would have gone with the 50:1 that it
will rain everyday, IF I were a betting man, but I am not.

Estimates are that the games generated $80 million for the two-week period, compared
with only $4 million from the Beijing Games four years ago.

Other than the doping and the corruption, things went well.  Oh, many retail industries
and liesure activities actually dropped in visitors and revenue.

Jacques Rogge, the International Olympic Committee president:
“We have made doping a top priority, now there is a new danger
coming up that almost all countries have been affected by and
that is corruption, match-fixing and illegal gambling”



Let the games begin!