Half of Global MMO Revenue Comes From China!

I always thought China was a poor country or rather that the Chinese people
were very poor, but the numbers of people playing online games in China never
ceases to amaze me.




According to Lisa Cosmas Hanson of Niko Partners:
“China is home to more than 150 million gamers who collectively
generate half of the global PC online games revenue… Our analysis
shows that while Chinese gamers start with casual and social games,
many evolve into MMOG gamers and then contribute much more revenue
than gamers who stick to simpler games.”



So, where are all these Chinese dudes getting their money for the internet
cafes AND for paying into the MMOs for extra game assets?



The population of China is about 1,300 million, so according to Ms Hanson,
about one-third of the population in China are playing online games.  Imagine
how busy those internet cafes must be!  Even though, according to wikipedia,
China has over 100,000 internet cafes.



And the internet cafes are NOT very cheap, I heard about $0.80 per hour. That’s
cheap if you are in US, but in China I think 80 cents could buy a lot of rice.



So, where DO they get the money??

Your Gov’t Is Monitoring Your Game Chat!

Yup, the UK government is going forward with a proposed law that would require
all Internet Service Providers, (ISPs), to store tons of information in case
UK government wants to use it for law enforcement, or whatever they want to use
it for.  And the UK government will be compensating the ISPs for the extra
technology and staff required to the tune of about 2 billion pounds.



The collected information would include from social networks such as Facebook
and even chat converstation within the super popular massively multiplayer
online games.  Becareful what you say and who you talk to!


Of course, back here in the land of freedom, the good ole USA has been doing
this for years and without any of it’s citizens knowing about it.  Until, the
big leak by Snowden, who has been hiding in Russia every since he spilled the
beans.  Now everyone is super sensitive about any US snooping effort.
Oh well, we have heard that other nations such as Australia and Canada have
also considered their own variations on Internet monitoring.
But when the government keeps saying: “It’s for your own protection”, I
get a bit nervous.

Gambler Wins $850,00 Online In Three Hours!

This is true, although it happened a few years ago, the case still has not
been resolved.  The gambling website operator, Eurobet UK Ltd, claims
that there was a ‘bug’ in the software that allowed Bruno Venturi to continually
win during his play of a game called: ‘Sixty Second’.







Isn’t that a risk that an online gambling operator takes?  That the software
might allow more winnings then they had figured?  I guess their logic is: “If
you lose, we win, and if you win, you lose”.  Or something like that.  Anyways
they are refusing to pay by blaming the game’s software.



Mr Venturi told the court:
“I had always lost previously…but when I started to win I had
a very good feeling. I’m a player and my instincts told me to keep betting.”



Mr Lawrence, the lawyer for the gambling site, challenged him, saying he
must have realised that something was wrong.



But Mr Venturi insisted:
“How could I realise there was an error? There was no message,
I was just drawing, I didn’t have a clue….I thought I was very lucky.”



We will keep you updated on this legal battle!

Girls Say Online Games Boring!

According to Frank N. Magid Associates:
“Among girls ages 12 to 17 who are active on social networks, about 43%
currently play social online games each week, down from 54% last year”



I do not blame them.  I have felt bored with all computer games my entire
time online which is about 15 years. The only game I play, occasionally
during my work day, is Freecell.  It’s free, it’s not stressfull, and it
is solo, so no one blabbing at me.



If I want to hang out with friends, I will give some of them a call and
see what’s up.  Maybe make arrangements to get a bunch together, or whatever.
Everyone is using the word ‘social’ to describe online activity, but I do
not think there is anything social about online blabbing.  And if you have
spent a good amount of time in any crowded venue online, forums, chat room,
massively multiplayer games, then you have seen first hand the idiotic,
rude behavior of many of the other uses.  That is social?


If you think your online chat is ‘social’, you have no real life!

You need counseling.

For these girls that find online games boring, it must be their intuition
that is giving them that wisdom.