Over 5,000 Free Games From Games.com!

You would never guess it, but AOL, actually a division of AOL called games.com,
has launched what they say is a truly cross-device games portal with features
like personalized game recommendations, full-screen gameplay and easy access to
gaming history, badges, points and rankings.




Games.com is seeking to be the ‘go-to’ destination for all sorts of games.  And
being a division of AOL gives them the experience to back them up.  AOL was one
of the first online game providers way back in 1983 when they were called Control
Video  Corporation. At that time they provided a service for Atari 2600 called GameLine.



But that ain’t all!  In 1985, when AOL was named Quantum Computer Service they launched
an online service for Commodore 64 and 128 computers called Quantum Link.



About this time, they became America Online and began their huge subscription service
featuring email, chat, news, and online gaming, including the first online casino
called RabbitJack’s Casino.



Just a few years later, AOL launched the first MMOGs, MMORPGs.



So, let’s give them credit for their experience in the online games industry!!

Aussie Gamblers Are Losers!

The largets, hugest, biggest survey of gambling online behavior is complete!  The
study included over 6,500 Australian participants and found that 50% of those participants
had become involved with online gambling within the past six years.





Sally Gainsbury said:
“..it was highly accessible and convenient and appealed to
punters already involved in multiple forms of gambling.”


The study also showed that 16% of the online gambling people were ‘problem gambers’
that were losing about $800 a month on average.


Another startling fact is that 50% of those problem gamblers experienced disrupted
sleep and one-third said that their eating habits have changed.


An Australian senator, Nick Xenophon, claimed that Australia is known for being the
country wit the highest gambling losses per capita!


Senator Nick Xenophon:
The next tidal wave of problem gamblers will come from
online gambling unless we take urgent action now,


The huge study also revealed that most online gamblers were men with full-time
jobs and in a relationship betting mostly on races and other sports, followed by
casino games and poker.

Reloadable, Customizable, Online Game Gift Cards!

Last year Rixty began distributing their Online Game Gift Cards.  They are
not the only game gift card, but at this time, they are the online customizable
and reloadable, (at 7-Eleven), that we know of. The buyer can order any amount
for the gift card up to $999 dollars.





The customizing is a huge draw. You can have the recipient’s username and avatar
put on the card along with a personal message, making it a very personal gift.
Most gift cards are one time use, then throw away, but Rixty cards are reloadable,
making them a semi-permenent gift.


Game publishers love them because they can put their own brand on them which
is free advertising for them and will bring more players to their game.


Rixty cards are available in 73,000 stores in the U.S. and nearly 500,000 worldwide


It is a win-win-win situation.  Everybody is happy!