First State To Legalize Online Gambling!

Just a few months ago, Delaware became the first state to legalize comprehensive
online gambling; all casino games, poker, etc. etc.  Our understanding, however,
is that only the current brick and mortar gambling businesses that are already
licensed will be allowed to offer web based online gambling.  And this gambling
must be limited to those players within the states borders. Geolocation software
will be used to verify a player’s true location.





We have to wonder how they will deal with proxies.  Out of state gamblers can
set up a proxy within Delaware’s borders and connect through that proxy, in
which case, the geolocation software would show them as in the state even though
they are not within the state’s borders.



What is always interesting with this whole online gambling issue is that before
it is legalized, it is said to be a moral issue, but after it is legalized, it
is said to be a great tax revenue opportunity.  LOL.

Paypal Is Playing Games Online!

Paypal collected a percentage of the dollars that over 12 million unique users
paid for virtual goods.  Of course, they are not saying how many dollars that
actually amounted to, but Paypal does say that they take in more than one
billion dollars quarterly overall!  Also, they claim to have over one million
active users.






Paypal Facts:
More than 40 percent of adults play online games.
More than 70 percent of all gamers are PayPal customers.
About 62 percent of North American virtual goods sales are via Paypal.



“The growth of PayPal in games was organic, and now there
are more and more ways to pay for goods online”
~ Carey Kolaja, senior director of emerging opportunities at PayPal.



In my experience, Paypal was the first online payment processor for
us little guys to start an online business and take payments.  The
only other option at that time was to obtain a credit card merchant
account which cost hundreds of dollars; Paypal was almost free.

Online Games Cause Dementia!!

Okay, now I have just about everything! Playing online games for too
many hours could cause dementia?  Says who?  Where’s the research?



Well known neurologist, Susan Greenfield is claiming that unhealthy
addiction, (is there a healthy addiction?), to technology could
disable connections in the brain.  Oh?


Ms Greenfield said:
“Screen technologies cause high arousal which in turn
activates the brain system’s underlying addiction. This
results in the attraction of yet more screen-based activity.
Connections in the brain can be temporarily disabled by
activities with a strong sensory content – effectively
‘blowing the mind’, Or they can be inactivated permanently
by degeneration – i.e.dementia”


The connections in my brain were disconnected trying to understand
what the hell she is talking about.


We checked with Professor Mark Griffiths, a psychologist and Directory of
Nottingham Trent University’s International Gaming Research Unit, he said
he knew of no scientific evidence that any link between computers and
dementia existed.