8 Million NEW Online Game Players Per Month!!!

That is certainly a lot of new online game players.  I did not think there are
enough people in the world for this fact.  I mean, I thought most people have
already signed up or registered with their favorite website or game publisher.
Now, this news that someone is attracting 8 million NEW sign ups EVERY month!!!



So, who is this global online game monster?



It is Gameforge!  Gameforge, based in Germany, creates free-to-play online
virtual world games where players can sign up for free and play for free,
but must pay for virtual goods.  These small purchases for virtual goods
are sometimes call microtransactions, and the accountants are screaming that
all these tiny transaction add up nicely!


Gameforge reports to have added 100 million newly signed up players since August, 2010,
or 8 million new users a month.  That is as many people as the fourth most populated
country in the world. LOL


Gameforge has 20 online games in 50 languages, plus many Massively Multiplayer


Need a job?  Gameforge has at least 100 openings currently. Get your resume in shape.

Call of Duty – The New Terrorist Training Camp!

One thing I will say about today’s terrorists, they are resourceful and
very internet savvy.  That makes them a formidable foe. Just as an example,
I have heard that some of them are using the virtual world technology to
create a replica of their next target.  Then they plan and execute their
attack.  Then, just hit the reset button and run another practice drill.



Meanwhile, law enforcement and counter-terrorism agents do not even have
an idea where the next attack might happen.  When it does happen, they
are not familar with the buildings and terrain.  The terrorists have the
major advantage.


It’s a fact that the terrorists are using online virtual world games and
Bluetooth headsets in order to discuss their techniques and their next target.
They always use a violent war-game since their chat could then be said
to be just the usual game chat.


In fact, the CIA warned of this almost five years ago!  It is this type
of threat that causes the NSA and CIA to desire backdoors in all devices
and instant logs from all game hosts and ISPs.


Fortunately for the terrorists, our right to privacy protects them. That
is part of their strategy, use Americas freedoms against us.

Online Gambling Causes Impotence!

Not really, but, you would think so with all the ‘critical’ warnings
coming from a bunch of ‘experts’.  How did these experts get to be
experts?  They study something. They spend time in a clinic. They
write papers on the subject, etc. etc.




To me, an expert is someone that has mastered a skill, but these
people that spent half their lives in college have only mastered
how to pass the college exams.


And here we go again with another Phd “expert” in gambling addiction
giving us a warning about our children getting addicted.  OMG!


This time it is Renee Cunningham-Williams, PhD, gambling addictions expert
and associate professor at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis.
Notice the two last names?  Why is it that Phd’s think they should have
two last names?  Does that make them elite or what?


Anyways, Renee is saying prett much the same thing as all the other experts:
children are vulnerable, children are at risk, online gambling is the problem,
blah blah blah.  Meanwhile, the kids watch mom and day but lottery tickets
every singe day and nothing is said about that.  Lottery tickets could be
even MORE addicting!



Go figure!