4 of 5 Kids Already Targeted by Predators!

Police everywhere are issuing warnings that all holidays are busy seasons
for peadophiles.  Parents should be monitoring their childs activities
more closely than ever.




Recent police investigations show that it is not just social media and
online virtual world games that are the hunting grounds of peadophile,
they are also sifting through school websites looking for a vulnetable
child or even a single mother.

Detective Inspector Jon Rouse said:
“the internet is a supermarket for pedophiles, but online
predatory behaviour was the most under-reported crime. If
they say ‘Mum, this weirdo just hit me up online’ what’s
your first reaction? You take the internet away. So kids
won’t talk about it”

I hope that detective is wrong and that taking the internet away is NOT
the first, (or second), reaction.  Are parents really that stupid? I
suppose a few are, but the vast majority need to teach their kids how
to handle an encounter such as the detective mentioned.  On the street,
in church, at the supermarket, or online, learn to deal with danger!

Online Gambling is a Sin!




A brief history of the morality of gambling is due.



In the Middle Ages, aks the Dark Ages, betting was considered non-productive
and of idle-minded people.  (But it was okay for the upper class, LOL)



Then came the Reformation era and gambling was seen as a sin since it was
disrespectful to ask God to decide such small matters as a dice throw.



Next was the Age of Enlightenment, (science was born), and it was taught
that gambling was not logical, so… it was again, idle activity.



In the 1800’s the experts, (doctors, ministers, etc), thought of gambling
as a social disorder and borderline criminal.



The 1900’s brought a separation much like the Dark Ages, in that, for the
lower class, gambling was discouraged, while the upper class was allowed.



Nowadays, gambling has moved to the internet with such vast numbers that
the offline casinos and the lotteries are not even mentioned in the news
(except to announce a million dollar winner), and the online gambling
is seen with a medical eye.



It’s not a class thing, it’s not up to the priests, today gambling is in
the hands of the clinical counselors, licensed social workers, psycologists,
and psychiatrists.



But, most people in this world CLAIM that they believe in God and doesn’t
God say that people should work for their earnings?  Service to others?

Does God condone betting on the outcome of a roulette wheel?



Online gambling is definitely a sin!

China’s One-Child Policy Online Game BOOM!

It has been said that online games sales in US have slowed down reacently,
but, in China the online game market is entering it’s BOOMTOWN years!





According to Niko Partners reserch findings China is could grow up to 38%
in online game sales this year!  BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!



I wonder why young people in a oppressed, no-human-rights, communist country
would want to spend all day in a virtual world?  Escape?  Yah think?


Anyways, here is a few facts about China’s online market:

  • There are now 58 million game players in China
  • 170,000 Internet cafes in China
  • 23 million personal computers in China
  • The population of China is 1.3 billion!


The number of online game players is certain to climb based on those population
figures.  And considering the dull lifestyle otherwise available to the Chinese
people.  Another factor is the one-child policy that China enforced for years.
Being an only-child can be boring, dull, lacking in social skills practice.
Online virtual world gaming fills all three of those voids.

3 Tips To Speed Up Your Online Gaming!

Everyone’s computer, (or other device), will start to slow down over time,
but with a few good tips and tweaks, you might be able to speed them back





Here’s a few tips that I came across recently that should help your PC
playing games better and faster!


First of all, some housekeeping is the most important task at hand. If
you are using a Windows PC, your first step is to run Disk Check. This
will check your hard disk drive for errors and any possible corrupt indexes
AND it will automaticlly fix those.


To run Check Disk, open a command prompt and type: chkdsk /f c:

You will get a message that offers to run Check Disk at the next start up,
type ‘Y’ and hit enter.  Restart you PC.


When Check Disk is done, it will restart your PC.


Now it’s time to run Disk Defragmenter.  Go to Start Menu, Programs,
Accessories, System Tools, and select Disk Defragmenter.  Click
Defragment and let that run.  This could take quite some time and you
should NOT use your PC while this is running.


Go make a pizza.