United Kingdom Kids Gambling Online!

The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission found loopholes in more than
33% of online bookmakers and casinos that could allow kids under 18 years
old to place bets online.




Using debit cards registered to minors, the commission tested the security
and found that minors could be placing bets with these casinos.



The bookmakers and casinos are required to confirm the user’s date of birth,
address, and payment details, then make use of special filtering software
to single out illegal users.



Social experts are warning that these loopholes could allow an entire generation
of young kids to be addicted to gambling.  The social impact of such a disaster
could last for many more generations.



Don Foster, the Liberal Democrat culture spokesman, said:
“There is a massive danger that this will fuel a
huge increase in under-age gambling addiction.”



We really should not be too surprised at these results.  You have young people
that want to place a bet and are using their most clever thinking to do so, and
then you have some online forms and a sloppy algorithm trying to keep them out.
Guess who wins?



So, let’s fix the problem and move on.

Online Games Are Ruining The World!

In a recently released poll by Spil, the Dutch browser-based gaming company,
based on their 130 million monthly active users shows that 40% of internet
users play online games.




No wonder the world is going to hell.  Maybe we should send some of these
games to Syria and let the militants get hooked on virtual worlds.



Another reports says there are 1.3 billion people online, so that means
510 million are playing online games at any given time.



Some factoids from the poll:

The most popular game categories with Europeans are racing and skill.
Daily quizzes are by far the most popular games in the States.
Women like puzzles and time-management games.
Competition, achievement, control, and showing off dominate the playing of teen boys.



Racing?  That sounds like fun, but I thought everyone was playing World
of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto?  And quizes?  Really?  People have a
1,000 choices of online entertainment and they choose a quiz?  With the
teen age boys, no surprise there, no need for a poll to tell us that.

Eight Teens Commit Mass Suicide?

Incredible as it sounds, eight teens got together and planned to commit suicide
as a group.  The leader of this suicide cult was 16-year-old Ku Witaya who according
to himself was a Taoist medium.  Odd, I have been into Taoism for decades and never
heard of such a thing.  But these boys had something in common; they all played
Slayers online game.
So, the leader and his younger brother jumped from their 9th floor apartment to their
deaths, fortunately, the other six changed their minds.  Smart kids.



This little cult-of-two, (himself and his brother), tried to convince the other six
boys that they MUST die in order to become real slayers of demons when World War III
breaks out.  huh?


Of course, there will be those that blame the online game Slayers for this insane
behavior, but, that argument won’t hold water because this kid, the leader, Ku Witaya
was a sick puppy.  He thought he could talk to deities.  He needed professional
mental help, but his friends, his family, and the community failed!