Facebook Casinos? Your Joking, Right?

This is no joke.


Facebook already has slots and bingo using virtual credits and
now they are searching for ways to turn that into real cash prizes.  Of course,
this would train an entire generation into people that thing gambling is fun and
normal behavior.




More than 3 million Facebook user are between the ages of 13 to 17 with an additional
1 million under 13, but believed to be faking their age.



Dr Robert Lefever, founding director of the
Promis Recovery Centre which treats addicts, said:

“There will be young people who think these games have Facebook
approval, that you can gamble and it’s fun. It’s not – gambling
destroys families. Children spend hours on Facebook and parents
need to be confident that it is a safe environment.”



Professor Mark Griffiths, of Nottingham Trent University, added:
“Even when no money changes hands, young children are learning
the mechanics of gambling. These games can be a gateway to more
serious gambling.”



Facebook, it it rumored, has plans to offer eight licenses to internet gambling
companies on the British platform.



There goes the neighborhood.

Virtual Worlds are a Waste Of Time!

There is no doubt in my mind that online games are a waste of time, and furthermore
if the game is a virtual world, it is also an escape from the players boring, dull





Some people, like the millions of players, would disagree with me. They might say
that online game virtual worlds are a great way to meet new friends, learn social
skills, develop leadership skill, and step up to new challenges.  LOL
In fact, I just read an article huffingtonpost.com that claims these online games
can produce “…powerful emotions and social relationships that can change our
lives—and potentially help us change the world.

Change the world?  Hahaha!  And the article even claims they reached this conclusion
from a decade of scientific research.


Here is another claim from the same article:
The truth is this: in today’s society, computer and video
games are fulfilling genuine human needs that the real
world is currently unable to satisfy.”


This is even worse than my assessment that the players are dull, boring, people.
Their statement says that our current reality is so dull and boring, we must
turn to online make-believe, fantasy, story-book, cartoon-ish, imagined playgrounds
in order to fulfull our ‘genuine human needs’.




Online Game Prostitution?

Men are paying 60 cents per minute to play an online game with a girl and the
girl gets part of that 60 cents.  So, women can make money playing online games
with men.  Good for them.




I do not “get” why men would want to pay to play an onine game with a woman.
The women do have photos and profile information, but that stuff is usually
not accurate. A married woman could play online games with men all day long
if she uploads a pic of her sexy young daughter, and puts ‘single’ in hew own
profile.  The same could happen with a woman 65 years old with a profile
that says she is 19 and with a real nice sexy pic.



And guys are falling for this?



Well, some lonely guys with deep pockets will fall for anything if they
can just get some attention from what they think is a pretty girl.



We will be watching this site, gamecrush.com for scam reports, rape reports,
porn reports, ect. ect.

New Poker Gambling Site is Legal?

How many men have tried to out smart the US law that bans online gambling?
The Wire Act of 1961 and The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of
2006. I have lost count of those that failed.





I knew of one that is a success, pureplay.com. A web site where you can play
online poker with no fear of the law.  This one that I remember takes a monthly
fee to be a member, then members can enter poker tournements that have prizes.
That is not considered ‘gambling’, I guess. I read that since there is no risk,
there is no “gamble” involved.



Okay, that’s clever, that bypasses the Wire Act of 1961 and the Unlawful Internet
Gambling Enforecment Act of 2006.  Why aren’t more poker sites setting up the
same system?  Probably they don’t see enought money in it.

Anyways, now there’s a new one: Pamble!



From their website:
“Pamble is a free site where users can gamble with Pamble Points
instead of money. Pamble users watch a short advertisement prior
to playing poker, and then they are able to gamble a percentage
of the advertising revenue, their Pamble Points,”