The Online Game Meeting Place!

This just in, massive multiplayer online (MMO) games are NOT just about slaying
dragons, blasting aliens, shooting enemies, or raising chickens.  It is about
meeting other people, interacting with them, becoming friends, and possibly
meetint in real life.  In short, the social aspect of the game is actually a
key element and has been overlooked by many.






It took a big, fancy survey to tell us that?  The people in the games, as well
as in forums, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and everywhere else have know this
from day one.


So, once again, the big corporations have been out of touch with the real world
and out of touch with the fantasy world.  But this is changing, they are slowly
“getting it”.  And that means more advertising, more integration of apps we
don’t want, and more money for them.



What is interesting is that the culture in massively multiplayer games is
performance based, that is, if you are good at the game, then your age,
nationality, etc. does not matter too much.

Game CheaterMakers Earn $50,000 Month?

Huh?  Really?  I don’t think so guys.  But wait, I will show you the exact


APB Reloaded said:
“Cheat software is banned but in the sophisticated economies that have
evolved in these worlds, cheaters can generate a significant income by
using it. The developers of multiplayer game APB Reloaded, estimate
that cheatmakers can make up to $50,000 per month.”



Ahhh, I see now, the the people that make the cheat software that can earn
up to $50,000 a month.  Wow!  That is a nice income, but the cheaters can
earn only ‘a significant income’.



Some people say that the cheating is ruining the game for other. Awwwww!
It seems to me that the problem is the game developers do not know anything
about security.  They were having so much fun creating the game, that they
skipped Security 101.



So, as usual in our society, the online game developers blame everyone else,
the players, the cheaters, the cheatmakers, Obama, LOL.  Anything to get
the spotlight off of themselves.

NASCAR Online Gambling Site?

Seriously?  Ummm, you can’t do that guys!

Okay, now I have seen everything.  Let’s face it, fans of any sport, game,
or contest, (even elections), will bet on the outcome.  It just did not
occur to me that NASCAR fans were betting on the results of the car races.
I should have known.





I wonder why so many people love to bet?  It is not just Americans.  It is
all of the West and most of the East.  Basically, people all around the world
love to bet their hard earned money on the outcome of ‘contents’ of all sorts
and most of those contests are determined by luck, chance, ‘the way the ball
bounces’, and ‘the way the cookie crumbles’.  Okay, some do have skill involved,
like in sports. but on any given day, in any given contest, the so-called
underdog could pull an upset.



So, now we have some guys up in Washington state taking bets on NASCAR races
and….ooops!  They got caught!  Imagine that?  And they thought had it all
figured out. LOL



The details:  David Watkins home, in Spokane Valley was visited, (raided), by Law
Enforcement officers for running a website named  In short,
he was taking bets and soon we will be betting on his probation, or NOT.