Online Game Bots Earning Real Cash!

I find it fascinating just how ingenious some people can be when there is
money to be made. There are the ‘big time’ hackers that break into banks
and those that steal credit cards, then there are some smaller operations
that play games in virtual worlds and make money for playing.  I say smaller,
but I really mean more under the radar and less blatantly illegal.





If you are not into any of these virtual world online games, (long odds on
that), let me tell you that all or most of them offer some sort of incentive
for accomplishments within the virtual world.  It could be raising chickens
in Farmville on Facebook, or killing monsters in World of Warcraft.  And
almost all of these game sites offer some way of converting that in-game
incentive, be it virtual gold or credits, into real world CASH!



At a security conference not long ago, one security analyst Greg Hoglund,
spoke of his experince with the game bots.  he said:

creating them and using them is remarkably easy for
those who know what they’re doing.



He also told about a bot that he, himself, created for World of Warcraft
that allowed him to be immune from attack and lure in gold bearing enemies
which he killed and looted.  Best of all, his bot could regenerate those
same enemies and kill them again and again.  He made some bucks.


California Dreams of Online Gambling!

California is known to be a cool state, right?  Well, how cool is it to have
a state deficit of 26 BILLIONS dollars?  How did they do that?  Did everyone
fall asleep for 20 years and wake up to say: “OH, look at that!”.  I mean there
are intelligent people in charge of the state’s finances, isn’t there?  They
are college graduates?  Some of the politicians are lawyers?  Usually these
people are thought of as educated and ‘reasonable’ thinking people. Not crazy
over-spending idiots, max’ing out credit sources!  So what happened?



I do not know how California got where it is.  Maybe everyone is just laying
back with their martini by the pool or waxing their surf board and letting
someone else worry about the state’s deficit.


Now, I hear California is considering legalizing and taxing online gambling
in order to help pay off the state’s debt. They can get around the US Wire
Act of 1961 by requiring all players are actually physically located in the
state.  I do not know how they can get around the Unlawful Internet Gambling
Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA), which prohibits banks from processing any
payments related to online gambling.

Well, California is not the only state trying to legalize online gaming.

FACT: Women Gamers are Frigid!


I knew it, I JUST knew it!  Most women are cold as steel.  It has come out now
in public information that women gamers would rather play a online game than
have sex.  Imagine?


Thanks to ummm, Doritos, yah those guys that make the corn chips, lol, the age
old question of “why she got a headache AGAIN?” has been answered.  Maybe us guys
could find a video-sex-game where she can give her man a virtual BJ would warm
her up for the real thing?




I dunno. I was told a long time ago that a woman would be just as happy with
a hug as with full sex.  Geesus!  No wonder we guy are stressed and die young,
we are not getting laid enough!!


Okay, here are the facts straight from Doritos chip factory:
Doritos surveyed 2,052 people
49 percent of women play online games,
50 percent of men play online games,
75 percent of women enjoy having a bath,
71 percent of women enjoy shopping,
70 percent of women enjoy sex,
and only 62 per cent of women claimed to enjoy working out.
17 per cent of female gamers admitted to playing online games in bed.


My personal obvious conclusion:  women are frigid!!!