Online Games Real or Make-Believe?

Real or make-believe is the study goal of a new program in the United Kingdom.
Children just nine years old are being shown still images from the online video
games Grand Theft Auto and the Itchy And Scratchy Show. In one image a player
is beating a prostitute with a bat and in another someone has a hatchet buried
in his head.






Does this sound educational to you?


As the children view these bloody scenes, they are asked if what they see is
‘real life’ or ‘not real life’.  Huh?  So, in other words, this program assumes
that nine year old kids do not know the difference between real life violence
and make believe violence.




If these kids are speicial needs kids, then okay, but everyday
kids walking down the street, playing ball at the park, they know the difference.
This sounds like a program that was developed by a friend or brother of a
politician that nobody else would buy, so the politician gets the program
into the public schools, and the politician gets a kickback.


FBI Stings Poker Sites!

Gees!  This really seems like the Prohibition of alcohol era with the FBI
spending so much time tracking down, inverstigating, analysing, and raiding
poker websites.  Of course, it’s their job to do so, but I think there are
some more pressing issues.  Such as the lone jihadists that are shooting
up the country and killing people almost every week.  Some of them are
KNOWN to the FBI, but, not watched closely.





A few months ago, the FBI shut down ten more poker websites.  Many players
believe that the US government has a political agenda in shutting down the
online poker rooms.  Of course they do, it is called lobbists and donors
with super deep pockets.  That is who is running the US government!



And get this, this shutdown was the result of an FBI sting. The FBI setup
a fake payment processing company called Linwood Payment Solutions then
accepting payments for online gambling. Over two years Linwood Payment
Solutions processed over $35 million dollars for online gambling.



Oh well, we all knew that online gambling in US is illegal, right? These
websites thought they could beat the long arm of the law. Heh!



The sites shut down are:

Fun Time Bingo,
True Poker,
Doyles Room,
Golden Arch Casino,,,,
Bet Grande Sports,
Bet E-Horse
and BetEd.

Baby For Sale: Only $3,995

Just when I thought things could NOT get any more bizarre, things get
a LOT more bizarre.  We have all heard of desperate people doing desperate
things for money, but usually their reasons are to put food on the table
for their family.


But stealing money in order to feed the family is not bizarre. What IS
bizarre is what some people are doing in order to get money to support
their online gaming pleasure.  I mean, these online games are called games
because they ARE GAMES!  It is not life or death.


Not too long ago I heard of a young boy that ran away from home because his
father denied him his Xbox, the boy wound up dead from exposure to the cold
in the woods.  In another case, a young man actually killed his grandmother
because she refused to give him money for online games at the internet cafe.


These stories are bizarre!






Today, I heard of a couple that first met in an internet cafe, fell in love,
and had a baby girl.  However, babies are expensive to feed, etc. etc, so
they got the great idea to sell her.  Cha-ching $400 only?  I thought a girl
would be more valuable than that!  Then the mother gave birth to a baby
boy.  Cha-ching!!!  SOLD for $4,000!

Why the difference in price?  I don’t know for sure, but this did happen
in China, go figure.

Your Credit Card Has Been Stolen!

This is happening so often that it’s almost getting mundane.  Another batch of
internet user’s personal information and their credit cards stolen. This time
it was Sony’s Playstation network that was hacked with over 100 MILLION accounts
with credit cards stolen.  I believe this is the second largest incident of stolen
personal data ever.


Here is the list of data taken by the hackers according to Sony:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Country
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • PSN login and password
  • Credit Card number
  • Credit Card expiration date.



Now, what will the hackers do with all that data?


1.  They will sell it off to the highest bidders in the black market. The buyers of
the credit card data will be criminals that will use the credit card information to
make new credit cards from blanks.  They will use a small gadget, readily available
for purchase, to magnetically code YOUR credit card data into a new blank card.  Then
they can use that card anywhere offline: stores, restaurants, and ATMs.


Although this sounds like the easy route for the criminals, there is a problem with it. That problem
is cameras.  Cameras at every ATM and many stores have cameras at the check out line.
Of course, restaurants are safe, but the amount that can be charged is limited and
stealing a credit card just to get a free lunch is NOT what these criminal are about.
2. Some of these criminals might try a widespread phishing attack where they send out
emails to the credit card holders that read very authoritative because they already
know so much about you, but, their goal is to get the security number that’s on the
back of your credit card. Once the get that number, they can make online purchaes!
This is what they really want because they can make large purchases of (sometimes
illegal products like fake pharmaceuticals, guns, other bulk drugs), whatever they
want and it looks like YOU make the purchase!