UK Bans Internet Gambling!

Britons are becoming addicted to online gambling by the thousands!  Most are spending money
that they do not have. Max’ing out their credit cards, getting second mortgages, small loans,
even stealing from churches.  Some one MUST do something!!




Enter Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt who has a plan to ban gambling companies from outside
the UK from advertising in the UK. This could mean hundreds of foreign gambling operators
would be forced out of Britian’s market.  Secretary Hunt is also considering a ban on credit card
use for internet gaming supposedly to stop people from over spending.  LOL


Is there anyone here that thinks this would solve the problem?  Online gambling is legal
in the United Kingdom, so forcing overseas companies out of the UK market only means that
the United Kingdom companines have less competition.


Mr Secretary must think everyone is stupid and will not see the fallacy of his proposal.


On the other hand, according to United Kingdom law, any online gambling operation licensed
in the UK, must go through very strict measures to prevent children from accessing their
site.  But, overseas online gambling companies are not subject to that section of UK law.


Who paid which politician for that exclusion?

Gaming Consoles Are Obsolete!

But, but, my gaming console, the Xbox 360 is so powerful and really awesome!

Sure kid, but what’s coming next is possibly 100 times more powerful and truly
more awesome.  What’s coming?  THE CLOUD!  Yah baby, cloud computer is coming and
in some niches it’s here already.



What is so great about cloud gaming?  Look currently you have your powerful, but
expensive gaming console and you install a game on it and you’re good to go. But
you can’t live without the console, right?  It’s not all that easy to take it to
the beach is it?  Or backpacking?  To gramma’s house?



With cloud gaming, all the graphic processing, and that’s where the power is needed,
is done on the cloud’s commercial grade, heavy duty, remote computers.  Then it’s
streamed to your PC, your smart phone, or your tablet, just like music and youtube
videos. With cloud gaming, you can play any of your favorite online games anywhere
that you can take your smart phone and fing a hotspot.



And since the smart phones and even the tablets are drastically cheaper that the
traditional gaming consoles, this concept will take off in just a few years!

Game-aholics Anonymous?

It seems strange to me, internet addiction or online gaming addiction, but, I’m old
fashion, I grew up when only a “substance” like alcohol or hard drugs could actually
cause an addiction. However, I guess it’s not too much different than the many other
types of obsessive compulsive behaviors.




Consider a recent study done at Michigan State University that showed almost twenty
percent of students had dropped out of a course or has some lower grades due to
surfing the internet or playing online games.


Recently the first internet addiction treatment center opened in the United States.
The Heavensfield Retreat Center is offering a forty-five day program in Fall City,
Washington state. The cost of the program is $14,5000 which, at first, sounds a bit
expensive, but it’s about $300/day and that’s not out of line considering all the
benefits that are included.


Some of the programs features are:
counseling with professionally-trained staff,
group therapy,
vocational coaching,
12-step meetings,
recreational activities,
“high adventure” outings,
health and fitness programs



Looking at that price, a hotel room, and not always the best hotel room, can easily
cost $100/night.  Meals, if you ar eating out, for one person, I think minimum $10
per meal, so we’re at $130/day so far.  That’s just the roof, bed and meals, try
adding up all the professional counseling, and medical care.