Online Poker Kingpins Busted!

What’s that old saying? “There’s no honor among thieves”?


Certainly there’s no loyalty among illegal internet gambling bosses.


I guess the loyalty went out with the old time mafia.




Recently, Daniel Tzvetkoff, has turned ‘rat’ and is spilling his guts to the FBI in order to
save his own skin from a possible 75 year prison sentence.  It seems that information from
Danny boy might be taking down a multi-billion dollar illegal online poker industry.


The other day, an announcement came from the FBI that eleven arrests have been made on the
owners of three of the biggest internet poker businesses in the United States for money
laundering, bank fraud, and illegal gambling offences. The three poker sites – PokerStars,
Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker are DONE dealing.


FBI assistant director Janice Fedarcyk
“These defendants, knowing full well that their business with
US customers and US banks was illegal, tried to stack the deck.
They lied to banks about the true nature of their business.”


Anyways, it required keeping Daniel Tzvetkoff locked up for about a year before he
caved in and starting talking. At that point, he was quietly released from a New York
prison and his whereabouts are unknown – for his safety.

Teens and Cell Phone Games!

It’s only natural that in the past, more adults owned cell phones than teens, right? Things could
be changing soon. Twenty or so years ago, my brother has one of the first mobile phones in his truck
used for a mobile welding service.  It was mounted on the floor like a two-way radio, heh. Since then
I’ve seen real estate agents use them, and many other business people make good use of them. Nowaday,
it seems everyone has a cell phone and I sometimes wonder why?


How ofter do these people need to make a phone call?  What did they do BEFORE cell phones?

Why teens?
I thought the idea of a teen having a cell phone was to call mom for a ride home
or just to stay in touch with mom, but it seems like that is the last thing that most teens want to
do – stay in touch.  Rather, they are texting all their friends, spending lots of time on Facebook,
(doing exactly what I don’t know), reading twitter, playing online games and some of the boys are
watching porn.


Kids love games. Some adults love games also because they never really grew up.

So, as cell phones become more popular, playing online games follow.

Farmville is for Boring, Old Housewives!

Farmville started out as a game for teenage males mostly, but nowadays, it’s
played by people of all age groups and both genders to the tune of 80 million
people each month.


The big news here is that the majority of those players a WOMEN over 40 years
old!  If you’re a younger person playing Farmville, there’s a good chance your
mother is also playing Farmville.




The Farmville game is centered on taking care of a virtual farm – that makes sense.
The farm will have crops, animals, tractors, etc etc.  And “taking care of” is
instinctive with women, is it not?


As far as I know, there are no monsters to kill, no invading armies to defeat,
so it’s a dull as any game could possibly be, yet extremely popular.  LOL


Go figure.


In Farmville, you can earn coins by harvesting your crops, then use those coins
to buy more farm equipment, animals, or whatever, thereby building your farm
bigger and bigger.


Recently, Farmville added a feature where players can spend their real money
on their farm speeding up their farm’s growth.  And about 15% of the total
player, 12 million, actually spend their real money on the game.

How To Cheat at Online Blackjack!


Over the years cheaters have come up with several ways to cheat the house at blackjack,
such as,

  • Sleight of hand,
  • Mechanical device inside the sleeve,
  • Fake shuffles,
  • Marked cards,
  • Card counting system,
  • Bribing or colluding with the casino dealer.





But what about online blackjack, those methods certainly will not work online.
New technology for the house and new technology for the players.  There are
basically two methods of cheating at online blackjack.



One is a blackjack bot which can reduce the house odds to only 0.05%, so you will
lose only five cents for every dollar you wager.  All you need at that point is
a bit of luck and the brains to quit while you’re ahead.  If you run your blackjack
bot for the long term, it will lose.  A workaround for this is to find a casino
that offers a deposit bonus. Then, run your bot for a few hours and bow out.



The second method of cheating is specially created software that takes advantage of
the inadquacies of the computer generated shuffle. How it works is too complex to
explain here, but you can research for it.


Good luck!