3.4 Million Online Gamers Attacked by Malware!

Kaspersky Lab claims that there are over 3.4 million malware attacks per day
targeting online games in order to steal accounts and in-game assets.





That seems like quite a few. I guess gaming acounts have more value than I
had heard about.  I know many players in poor countries mine the gold and
sell it on the black market and I know that there are some that use bots
to do the tedious mining of gold.  But those activites have not been proven
to be illegal, at least, not that I have seen. No one has gone to prison for
gold mining yet.


Infecting someone else’s computer with malware, that’s serious, and definitely
could bring prison time.


One of the most common attacks is phishing emails that get the recipient to
reveal login details.  Duh!  Like enough has not been said about this already?

Trojans are second with over 1.2 million attacks on record.


“Online gaming has evolved into a fully-fledged economy with
well-developed demand, specific customer requirements and
different sectors, including ‘premium’. Trading in-game
objects is now an essential part of any game in itself,”
said virus analyst Christian Funk.


Have fun!

World of Warcraft Publishes Real Names!

Billazrd, publisher of World of Warcraft and other top online games has
announced that players posting in the forums will be required to use their
REAL NAME!   Arrrrg!



Their reasoning is sound, to reduce the trolling, arguing, personal insults,
and flame wars.



One of the site community managers said:

Removing the veil of anonymity typical to online dialogue will contribute
to a more positive forum environment, promote constructive conversations,
and connect the Blizzard community in ways they haven’t been connected before,”



Perfect example of “politically correct”, corporate-mumbo-jumbo amounting to nothing.


I see two possible, workable solutions here.


1. Just let it happen. These people paid and they chose to read the forum.

2. Moderate the forum as most forum do.

Religion Forbids Online Gambling!

Another desperately poor country that could take in millions of tax revenue
from online gambling decides to ban it for whatever reasons, probably some
superstitious, religious, jumbo-jumbo.




Many countries ban online gambling and claim that it would hurt their youth,
encourage crime, prostitution, and violence.  So what?  These countries have
police and they have courts.  Government should not hold the people back for



However, I suspect the real reason has more to do with either money or votes,
or both.  Certain organizations that have deep pockets can bribe the policians
into voting down any bill that would legalize online gambling.  This happens
in all countries of course, but some of the poorer countries are dominated
by rich church treasuries.



In this particular case in S. Africa, online casino Piggs Peak was told in
court by Judge NB Tuchten stated that it would now become illegal to gamble
using digital products in South Africa.



However, Piggs Peak will appeal and can therefore continue operations for now.