350 New Online Gaming Job Vacancies!

Germany’s Bigpoint, has come to San Francisco and plans to hire up to 80 more employees
for its new game studio in San Francisco.  Bigpoint also announce that it has plans to
hire 350 new employees worldwide.


It won’t be easy for Bigpoint to just move in and automatically find the top talent
that is required for innovation and creativity in online gaming. They will need game
designers, 3D artists, and software developers with various specialties such as Flash


Bigpoint’s Personnel Department will have to be creative with their recruitment methods
and possibly lure some top talent away from other silicon valley online gaming firms.

A few of the project for the new employees will be Poisonville, (a title for Playboy.com),
as well as a free-to-play version of Battlestar Galactica. It is also making ToonRacer,
and The Mummy.


Basically, Bigpoint makes online games that are browser-based and are free to play. History
shows that this free-play, pay-to-upgrade model works best for online gaming.

Earn a BA Degree in Gaming?

I have heard of colleges offering a degree in Graphic Arts, but a degree in
game design?  Norwich University has been offering it’s Games Art and Design
since at least 2005 and enrollment in the course has doubled since then. The
course focuses on the animation used in todays immersive online games.



Even though the games industry in the UK has been on a down slope.


Some recent graduates have successful in their job search landing, for example,
with Jagex which is responsible for Runescape, an online game that is said to
have more than 100 million players.
Now that a few graduates have landed really good job with top notch gaming firms,
the course at Norwich is gaining in popularity – word gets around.


And get this, part of the corse is linked to the iPhone Developer University Program,
and the students are creating smartphone apps as part of its curriculum. So, upon
graduation, they have already worked on a team and created a smartphone app.
That’s the way to teach and train!

500,000 Gambling Addicts in United Kingdom!

Some are blaming the Labour party for bringing in new, relaxed gambling laws for
causing a huge increase in gambling addiction.


73% of UK adults have placed a bet in the past 12 months compared to 68% last year.
That’s not really a huge increase, just 5%, but some people will make something out
of nothing.





Problem gamblers, addicts, have risen from 0.6% last year to 0.9% this year.

Tourism Minister John Penrose said:

The increase in problem gambling is a direct result of Labour’s reckless
Gambling Act. The Labour government liberalised gambling laws but failed to
implement the safeguards needed to protect the public and as a result the
number of problem gamblers has risen to almost half a million.”



A recent survey shows that gamblers with a problem are most likely to be younger
males who smoked.  The average debt for a problem gambler was around 17,500 pounds.


Suggestions for tackling gambling addiction range from banning foreign firm from
advertising their casino in the UK to banning credit card use for gambling.

Bank Pays For Gambling Debt!

Another case of an employee stealing money from employer, this time a bank – duh,
and losing it with online gambling.  What’s with these people?  What are they
thinking?  Do they REALLY believe that they can get away with it?  Or do they
convince themselve that they will win so much “next time” that they can pay all
the stolen money back?


I understand, sort of, how poor, uneducated street people could fool themselves,
but the cases I’ve read about lately are educated, highly skilled employees.







The woman in this case was a trusted bank employee up for promotion, but then her
bosses discovered that she had somehow stolen over $200,000 in an 18 month period.
Ooops, no promotion for you dear!


Oh well, this 35 year old, married, mother of two was sentenced to ten years in
prison, but mot of that sentence was suspended so she will serve only 18 months
in prison.  Not sure that was a great decision by the judge.