IBM Is Hiring World of Warcraft Players!

The results of a new survey are in, while most Human Resource Departments frown
at applicants that play a lot of online games, especially the Massive Multiplayer
Online, (MMO), games such as World of Warcraft, there is at least one company
that embraces MMO players: IBM.



David Laux, global head of Games and Entertainment at IBM says that IBM likes
WoW players due to their possible leadership skills and organizational skills.


Surveys have found that almost all MMO games as well as casual games can help to
develop special skills that could lead to better on-the-job performance.  The casual
games are most known for improve memory skills and take notice of details. The console
games, MMO, FPS games usually create quick decision making skills and excellent
leadership skills, such as, risk assessment, team building, and a team player attitude.

Online Gaming Kills Social Networking!

The idea of joining a social network just to socialize is dying out with
the younger internet crowd.


Younger people are moving to online gaming and why not, it’s a ton of fun,
it’s challenging, it’s engrossing, AND there is chat and voice messaging!

A recent survey shows that internet users age 15 to 24 with a profile on any
social networking site dropped for the first time by 5%.





However, age group 25 to 35 with a profile on any social site grew by 6% and
among 35 to 54-year-olds by 8%.


Bebo user base shrunk by 17% last year.
LinkedIn grew by 63%.
Twitter grew over 1,500%.


This might be a problem for AOL since they bought Bebo last years fo $650 millio
dollars and for News Corp with their purchase of MySpace for $580 in 2005.


“If this trend is true, it would raise questions about the valuation of
social networks. It would confirm that on the internet you have to be
very agile. One year it is all about search- engine advertising, the
next it is about social networking, and something else after that,” said
Adam Daum, analyst at Gartner, the IT research group.

Brilliant deduction Adam!

400 Year Gambling Monopoly!

I wasn’t fully aware that the government of France had a monopoly on
gambling since the 16th century, (since a 1539 edict passed by King
François I), but, I’ve heard that now they’ve decided to let some competition
into the biz.




I guess there was some pressure from the European Commission’s to allow national
online gambling, but there is also talk that France has a serious problem with
illegal online gambling, in that, they are losing a ton of tax money on that.

But France still has some problems.  Their gambling tax rate is almost double
that of Italy and that discourages the gamblers as well as the bookmakers.
France also has some very strict regulations on what bets can be placed.
Also, some very lucrative casino games like roulette are stll banned in France.