Girls Gamers Are More Dedicated!

New research based on the EverQuest II database and linked the data to a survey of
nearly 7,000 players who agreed to participate in exchange for a virtual prize has
revealed some startling facts:





Women were the most dedicated players, spending on average 29 hours per week online.

Men averaged just 25 hours per week.



Female players are happier when playing with their romantic partners.

Male gamers prefer to play on their own.


Online gamers are healthier than the general population as measured by body-mass index



Men under-reported their average playing time per week by one hour,

Women under-reported their playing time by three hours.



So, what all this mean?  The gaming developers and publishers will surely
find angles to take advantage of these male-female facts.

Fiji Islands, Tsunami of Gaming Addiction!

Fiji, located in the South Pacific and consisting of over 300 islands
is becoming the latest country to have it’s youth absorbed by online
gaming.  Some of the young Fiji online gaming junkies are spending up
to two days non-stop at gaming locations in the capitol of Suva.



They sleep over?
Yes, some of the internet cafes offer discounted rated from 9pm to 9am
so quite a few players take advantage of that.  These gaming cafes offer
rest areas, refreshments, etc. and the players fill the rooms.



Other young players actually skip school for online gaming.  After leaving
home, they change their uniform for street attire, go to the internet cafe,
play all day, then change back before going home.



And their parents don’t know about this?  How can that be?



“When children obtain their rewards from computer games and spend large slices of
their time playing, they are not developing the normal social skills relevant to
children of their age,” said Dr. Roland Schultz.

Online Gaming Jobs!




Sales Director – Eastern Europe & CIS
Pentasia – London
Requires a deep understanding of the systems used in online gaming.  Experience
in online game systems sales.  Good knowledge of online gaming metrics and
methodologies for business.


Casino & Games Product Manager
Betclic Everest Group – London
A serious passion and lots of know-how for internet and other digital technologies,
with a lazer-like focus on the online gaming industry.


Payments Administrator – Online Gaming
Harvey Nash – London
At least two years experience with a sportsbook and casino setting.  At least two
years experience with online games.  A strong interest and understanding of gaming.


Consumer Experience Coordinator
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe – London
Five years experience with online gaming.  Knowledge of online gaming products offerings
on the market. Ability to coordinate consumer polls and feedback and write reports.

Forbes Top Ten Online Games!

1. World Of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment (U.S.): $1 billion

2. Fantasy Westward Journey by NetEase (China): $400 million

3. Perfect World by Perfect World (China): $300 million

4. Lineage I and II by NCsoft (South Korea): $270 million

5. Tian Long Ba Bu by Changyou (China): $250 million

6. Aion by NCsoft (South Korea): $230 million

7. MapleStory by Nexon Corporation (South Korea): $200 million

8. ZT Online by Giant Interactive (China): $190 million

9. The World Of Legend / Legends Of Mir by Shanda Interactive Entertainment (China): $150 million

10. Final Fantasy XI by Square Enix (Japan): $117 million


Data from video game research firm DFC Intelligence.


Well, #1 is no big surprise to me.  However, note that of the other nine,
eight of them are in China or S. Korea.  Although those two countries
are known to have a huge number of people online, they are not known
for out selling countries in the west, as far as I know.