New Mouse Takes the Gaming World by Storm!

A really good mouse for gaming could cost over $70. We are talkling about a solid feel as

you grasp it and exceptationally accurate movement. Manufacturers have been hard-pressed

to find technology that would lower that price.


Wolf King, seems to have found “the right stuff” with their Trooper Gaming Mouse for

half the price of the other top shelf products, just $35.00!




You can almost feel this mouse just looking at it’s photo. It is solid in your palm.

The Trooper Mouse offers swappable DPI modes, built in LED indicators, and  plug-and-play support.


The Trooper is definitely going to take over the market!

Vietnam Attacks Online Gaming!

The Vietnam government is putting a stop to all-night internet cafes and has
banned advertising of online games due to the public complaining that the online
games are having a negative influence on the country’s youth. The government
has also stopped the licensing of new online games


Some government officials have said the real target is the games with excessive
violence, gambling, and pornographic content.  They said a rating system is


This new action by the Vietnamese government comes after many reports of increases
in juvenile crime and school truancy were blames on violent and sexually explicit


Online gaming in Vietnam attracts about 3 million youth. A recent survey showed that
70% to 76% of young school children play online games on weekdays.  On weekends,
100% of those surveyed said they played online games.


Vietnam has over 20 licensed gaming companies and a total of 93 games.  However,
with this new ban, internet cafes will not have online access from 11pm to 6am.

Epic Fail, Another Bad US Law – UIGEA

The US government is looking around for more cash and one place they
are looking at is online gambling.  A revenue source that they banned
just four years ago; the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.



So, why did they ban online gambling to begin with?  They claim the ban
was for our own good.  LOL  Whenever they don’t want to tell the public
the REAL reason, they say “It’s for your own safety”.  Truth is, the brick
and mortar, land-based gambling casinos basically paid off congress in order
to pass the new law; thereby protecting their own interests.



The House Financial Services Committee approved a bill legalizing online
poker and other non-sports betting.  This overturns the 2006 federal ban
that only drove online casinos offshore.

The US government has been losing money for the last four years due to
that ban.

This new bill would direct the Treasury Department to regulate the online
gambling and direct the Internal Revenue Service to tax it.  Taxes would
be on the businesses income and also on each individuals winnings.