China Cures Teen Gamer Addiction!

The state news agency in China is reporting that online gamers age 18 and under
has dropped from 22% down to only 15%.  This was based on a nationwide survey
by the China Youth Social Service Center.




The same survey showed that over 60% of the youth were “okay” with China’s online
gaming anti-addiction system.


China’s anti-addiction policy started in 2007. It requires all gaming operators
to regulate a gamers time in the game.  If a gamer plays for more than 3 hours
in one day, they lose half their credits.  If a gamer plays for more than 5
hours in one day, they would lose all their credits.


Gamers are also required to use their real names and their official ID card
when registering.

Fort Gay, W. Virginia Banned From Xbox Live

Yes, Microsoft Corp, who runs Xbox Live, considers “Fort Gay, W. Virginia”
to be offensive in a gamers profilebe cause of the word ‘gay’.  With so many
players, the only way for MS to police the language is comparing screen
displays to lists of offensive words, in other words, without THINKING.




Funny thing is, I constantly hear of foul language in the chat rooms and
players griefing, trolling, and humiliating other players.  Who’s watching
that?  No one!  In that case, it’s up to the players to block and/or report
the offending player.



Moore, the player that got suspended, contacted MS Customer Service and tried
to explain that it really is a real town and that’s where he lives, but they
would not take his word for it.  They would not check for it in Google. They
would not check the U.S. Postal Service website for a ZIP code.



Even the majoy of Fort Gay got involved and even he did not get a good reponse
from MS.  Finally, a local TV newsstation covered the story and BOOM, all of
a sudden MicroSoft was like:  “Oh we are so sorry, blah blah blah”.


A Half-Million College Students Gambling!

Five years after the US Congress psssed the Unlawful Internet Gambling
Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006, which was supposed to prohibit payments
to online gambling site, the number of male US college students gambling
online has more than quadrupled.





And get this, the same study shows that the number of high school students,
male and female, gambling online has tripled!


I remember poker being a common social event when I was young, but this is not
the same thing.  These kids are not looking at the faces of their friends trying
to get a clue about the cards they are holding, they are staring at a computer
screen with make-believe cartoon-like characters sitting around the table.


Where is the fun in that?


And how are these high school students funding their online gambling?
Sure maybe they have a part-time job after school, but how do they
transfer that money to the online casino?

US Army Invading Virtuals Worlds!

The United States Army will be training it’s soldiers in a virtual world
similar to that of Second Life.  This is really the ideal training simulation
since the environment, the terrain, and the enemy can easily be changed for
different scenarios, different missions, and troops at different levels.


The army will start this training with about 10,000 troops, but in the future
all troops might be trained in a virtual world.  The US troops can train as
squad on patrol and penetrating enemy lines or as a battalion in a full scale


The can be deployed by troop carrying vehicles, helicopters, or even parachutes.
The virtual training battlefield will also contain extreme weather conditions
that could change during the training strenthening the troops ability to adapt.


The troops will have text messaging and voice communication.


Of course, this is not the US military’s first endeavor into virtual worlds, in
2008, the US Air Force created a virtual air base named MyBase in Second Life.