Poor Countries Turn To Online Gambling!

Every week I read of another 3rd world country that is strugglilng, (and that’s
putting it nicely), with their economy that is changing their minds about online
gambling. This week it’s Romania And Moldova.



And why not?  What’s taking so long?


The problems that online gambling might cause?  I don’t think so because every possible

problem stemming from online, (or offline), gambling can be another money maker for the

government.  Are they worried about government officials being corrupted?  Ha!  I think

most of them are looking forward to the bribes, kickbacks, and payoffs.


Maybe they are worried that the children of their country will get addicted?
Doubtful, because most of them can not afford to play online and these countries
are not known for being well-wired to the internet.


More than likely these 3rd world countries will write additional laws that welcome

foreign companies to publish their games in their country.  And also court foreign players with
free games and low subscription prices.


Unfortunately, the people will never see any of the revenue!

The World’s Biggest Online Gaming Region!

According to the Internet World Stats there are 1.6 billion internet users
that play online games, and 38% of them are in the Arab countries.


Wow!  That’s a big chunk.  This demographic has been ignored for the most
part due to the lack of copyright laws in those countries, but this is not
a problem for MMORPGs sinc the download is free.


The other barriers are that the entire game would need to be Arabic and there
are religious and cultural differences that need to be taken into consideration.
Nevertheless, since the explosive growth of internet users in this region for
the last few years, US and European firms are taking notice and joining the


This influx of gaming developers has created new side markets such as payment
processors.  Most people in the Arabic world don’t use credit cards and Paypal
is not available everywhere.  So, special prepaid cards and ewallets have
become very popular now.


The next ones to take notice of the boom will be the advertisers.

Chinese Gangsters BANNED From Online Gaming!

All gangster type of online games are now banned in China.  Chinese government
officials claim these type of games pose a serious threat to the morality of
Chinese citizen.


This ban includes all games containing and fighting, murder, robbery, rape,
cheating, or other antisocial behavior.


What’s left?  Disney Chat?


The Chinese government has threatened a severe response for any website hosting
or linking to any of these game sites.  Their announcement did not include what
they mean by ‘severe’, but knowing China’s human rights record, I wouldn’t want
to test them out.


China has over 200 million internet users and more that $3.5 billion revenue from

online gaming and furthermore, it’s expected to grow 50% this year so I guess the
government is not worried about losing customers.

Online Gambling on Volcanic Eruptions?

Sounds pretty crazy to me.  How can the bookies calculate the
odds?  Volcanoes don’t erupt very often so if you place a bet
today, you might have to wait a few years for an outcome.


It’s bookmaker.com in the news again. A few years ago, they were
criticized for taking bets on hurricanes, now it’s volcanoes.


Japan’s Mount Unzen is the favorite volcano to erupt first, not
sure of the odds at this time, some say it’s 3:1. Mount Merapi in
Indonesia was listed with 10/1 odds.


It seems Paddy Power is the actual bookmaker in this scheme. The
same bookmaker that was giving odds on President Obama’s assassination!


From wikipedia.org:
“Paddy Power is an Irish bookmaker. Offline it conducts
business through a chain of licensed betting shops in
Ireland and the United Kingdom, and by operating Ireland’s
largest telephone betting service.”


Well, good luck boys!