Who’s The Biggest Online Gambling Company In The World?

PokerStars with an annual revenue of $1.4 billion and $500 million
in annual profits. PokerStars $1.4 billion is a good chunk of the
global revenue: $4.8 billion.






PokerStars is still taking US bets even after the US Justice
Department has issued statements that it is illegal to do so.
PokerStars insists that the US Wire Act of 1961 was meant to
cover sports only.  Of course, the US could go after PokerStars,
but if the US lose, it would open a can of worms that they don’t
want to see.


Interesting to note that the owner of PokerStars, Isai Scheinberg,
does NOT enter the United States. LOL


PokerStars attributes it’s success to it’s innovation, especially it’s
tournaments one of which attracted 150,000 players a world record.


PokerStars, which has 1,000 employees, has bolstered its marketing
with famous sports and TV personalities who promote its online card

What is an Online Social Casino?

A social casino is a new category of online gaming Massive Multiplay
Online Casino, (MMOC), and the world’s first MMOC just launched this




If you play poker online, you see a poker table with chairs around it.
If you play roulette or slots, you see just those games.


If you log into this new MMOC, you see the inside of a bustling with
action virtual casino!  You’ll see all the other players. You’ll see
all the gambling tables.


You can walk from one gambling room into another. See different people
playing their favorite game.  And of course, you can interact with those
people.  Create your own table for you and your friends.


It’s play-for-fun now, play-for-money next year.


Check out Yazino. They already have over 200,000 registered players
with 10,000 more joining daily.

Online Gaming Amazing Stats!

The online gaming market is worth $15 billion dollars.

20 million players have spent 17 billion hours on Xbox Live

There are 40 million registered Playstation Network accounts.


Average time spent playing (in US)
Xbox 7.3 hour/week
PCs 6.6 hours per week.
PS3 5.8 hours per week.


Majority of gamers are 25 to 44 years old.


Income is $35,000 to $75,000


Gender 58% male, 42% female


Most popular games for Xbox: Halo 3, Call of Duty


Most popular games for PCs: World of Warcraft, Runescape


Percent of MMO subscription by genre:
Fantasy RPG  94%
Sci-fi Superhero  4%
Social/puzzle/other: 2%


Most pirated games for PCs:
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
The Sims 3
Need for Speed Shift
Street Fighter IV


Most pirated games for Xbox:
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Street Fighter IV
Dirt 2
UFC 2009 Undisputed


Most pirated games for Wii:
New Super Mario Bros
House of the Dead
Mario Power Tennis

Another Gambler Going To Prison!

Douglas Rennick of Vancouver, Ca, is a talkative and likeable sort of
guy frequenting offshore casinos at every chance. His favorite casino
was in Cyprus.  Eventually, Douglas became friends with a few casino
‘insiders’ and that’s when he heard of an easy way for him to earn
a big paycheck.


All he had to do was deliver the winning monies to the winning players
in the United States.  To do that, Douglas set up several US bank accounts
in different corporate names.  He then received the payouts from Cyprus
and forwarded them to the correct winner.




Over a period of two years, Douglar transfered over $350 million dollars
of which he was allowed to keep a certain percentage as his salary.

He wasn’t running a casino and he wasn’t “taking bets” so he thought
he was in the clear.  Ooops!  Not quite.


After all the dust settled, Douglar wound up pleading guilty to illegally
helping offshore poker sites move money into the United States to pay players.
In that plea, he agreed to forfeit $17 million dollars.