This Online Game Could Change the World!

Game designer Jane McGonigal is launching a new game called Urgent Evoke.

This game is as absorbing as any other Massive Multiplayer Online, (MMO),
game, but instead of slaying make-believe dragons, lazer-blasting fictional
aliens, and otherwise shooting guns at other online players, this game
actually tackles real world situations.


How ’bout that?


So, the principle is the same.  Conquer and you earn credits or gold, but
in this game you will need to use that thing between your ears: the BRAIN.


The missions include solving environmental degradation, lack of food, water
scarcity, lack of sanitation, lack of education, poverty and violence.


To that end, player will be volunteering for community projects, recruiting
other volunteers, soliciting business contacts, or researching issues.


It’s fun and challenging!


Urgent Evoke is not your ordinary game launch, in that, it is being funded
with $500,000 from the World Bank Institute.


And a certain few game ‘winners’ will receive internships, start up money,
scholarships, or mentorships.

EVE Online Gold Miners Banned!

CCP Games, the publisher of EVE Online noticed that their data center was
a bit sluggish.  Investigations revealed that a few users, about 2%, were
using more resources than expected.




Diving in deeper, they found that those 2% users were running macros, (macros
are automated keyboard shortcuts), that were mining for gold in the game. Also
known as “bots”.  They were running the bots 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week collecting in-game assets and in-game currency, then selling those
assets on the black market for a huge profit.


Next CCP Games ran an operation they called ‘Unholy Rage’ which cut off those
2% of players even though those players had paid to play.


By cutting off those 2% of subscribers, CCP Games saved 30% of their data center’s
resources which is enough to accept new accounts for a long time into the future.


Just imagine what might be happening with some of the other MMO’s.  While EVE
Online is popular, it utilizes a single data center in the United Kingdom, on the other

hand, you have Blizzard’s World of Warcraft which has four data centers in the United

States, seven data centers in the European Union,and more in Asia!!!

Some US Online Poker Rooms Are Legal!

There are several online poker rooms operating in the US that claim
to be perfectly legal.  Of course, CLAIMING to be legal doesn’t mean
they are legal, that’s up to the courts.


Anyways, these few poker rooms are crammed with players!


How do they do it?


They get around the US laws by eliminating the risk factor.  Risk free
poker doesn’t sound like poker.  What they do is charge a $25 monthly
membership fee.  Once you’re a member you can play in tournaments which
award cash prizes.






Since no one playing in the tournaments is risking their money, (they
pay the membership fee whether they play or not), therefore it’s NOT
gambling.  It’s more like a church bingo game.


One site, Pure Play, (a five-year-old site) claims it has 2.4 million members.


So, 2.5 million times $25 equals $62 million dollars a month?