90% of Homes Connected to High-Speed Broadband

Online gaming addiction or excessiveness is a problem in many countries,
but in one country in particular, which is known for being the most wired
country in the world, it’s getting worse.


In South Korea 90% of households are connected to high-speed internet and
the country has over 25,000 internet cafes which they call “PC bangs”.






S. Korean officials are concerned and have launched a new program in an
effort to curb internet use, excessive gaming, and addiction.  The new
program will make thousands more counselors available on hotlines.


Gaming and gambling addicts in counseling and recovery will be offered
software with a timer that shuts down their computer or another system
that slows down their connection causing boredom.


Still under consideration is a law that would regulate the operating hours
of the PC bangs. Currently many of them are open 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week.  Most experts say that type of regulation won’t work, people will
just play more at home.


One more idea is to punish excessive gaming by withholding their earned
points, credits, and gold.


Oh well, at least S. Korea see the problem and is trying to deal with it.

US Online Gambling as Strong as Ever!

Four years after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, (UIGEA),
of 2006, which put the burden on financial institutions to not transfer
money for gambling, American gamblers are still betting online.


How can credit card companies, like Mastercard, block money that is funding
a gambler’s account on a casino site?  It has to do with the code that you
normally see on your credit card statement. The gambling sites have changed
their codes so that it does not look like a gambling site.


But according to some experts, there are other ways of finding a casino
or poker account.

Fedex checks,
bank wires.


That is just a few methods.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


But, just because a gambler is able bypass the payment problem, remember,
online gambling is illegal in the United States.

Super Bowl is Biggest Gambling Day of the Year!

The NFL’s Super Bowl is not just the most watched sporting game of
the year, and not just the most expensive time for advertiser, it’s
also the biggest, busiest gambling game of the year; offline and






The bookies in Las Vegas reported $82 million was bet on the 2009
NFL Super Bowl and that was the lowest since 2004!  But according
to inside knowledge, Nevada’s legal sports wagering is actually
less than 1% of ALL sports bets nationwide.  And that regarding
the Super Bowl, billions are spent legal and non-legal.


Of course, this is a big problem for the US tax machine, the Internal
Revenue Service, (IRS), for at least three reasons.


One, lots of people don’t realize that Super Bowl winnings are taxable.

Two, of those that know, many simply don’t pay.

Three, none of the illegal winnings are taxed.



Imagine, five years ago, before the US passed it’s strict anti-gambling
law, $12 million was wagered by Americans and others.  In 2010 it is
estimated that $24 billion will be spent on gambling worldwide.