Place Your Online Gambling Bets at MoneyGram!

Here’s a clever method of beating the US laws forbidding online gambling,
at least for awhile.


Place your bet with the InstaDollar service which will send your wager
to a MoneyGram agent in Belize.  From there, it goes directly to the
bookie. But wait, you can not just send money direct to a MoneyGram office,
you need a name and address of a real person, BUT you sure don’t want
that person to pick up your money that is intended for the bookie.






How can we do this?


Well, the MoneyGram agent is in on this scheme and what they did was to
somehow get hold of the Belize City’s driver license list.  So, the MoneyGram
office would give names to the InstaDollar service, which was also in on
the scheme.


  • Bettors would send money to InstaDollar.
  • InstaDollar would assign the name of a Belize citizen.
  • The wager goes to MoneyGram in Belize.
  • The MoneyGram agent knows it’s a wager.
  • The MoneyGram agent hands off the money to the bookie.


A lot of complexity in this scheme, but there is so much money in gambling
that’s it worth the work involved.


Except for one thing.  They were CAUGHT!

Online Gambling Legal Again?

Two US senators have introduced a new bill that would make online
Gambling legal.  The bill is not actually all about online gambling,
in fact, it’s all about taxes, but wrapped inside are clauses that
would make online gambling legal.





The bill is named The Bipartisan Tax Fairness and Simplification
Act of 2010.  So, why would the US Senate pass such a bill?  Of
course, it’s all about money.


Over and over again, the politicians claim that they are only trying
to protect us from ourselves, BUT, when they see the money that the US
government could take in from taxes, they whistle a different tune.


It has been projected that over $42 billion dollars in new taxes over
a ten year period could be raised.  But, it’s not just the tax clause,
there are also clauses that call for strict licensing and close regulation
of the online casinos.  This would be to protect the under aged and
especially vulnerable, to keep the games fair, and to be clear about
state laws.

China is Afraid of Make-Believe Money!

In China the buying and selling of virtual money in online games such as
World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and dozens of others has become so popular
that it’s actually affecting China’s real money





So, of course, Chinese authorities will be passing new laws regulating the
use and trade of online virtual money.


According to some experts, almost $2 billion virtual dollars were traded in
China and there could be much more in the underground economy.


There are even online gaming companies that run virtual sweatshops with
hundreds of young gamers are cramped  into small rooms playing games
and earning credits which the companies then sell at a profit to overseas


And there are online stores like eBay that adverties virtual goods for
sale for the most popular games.


The really wild aspect of this is that some economists believe that the
control of currencies could shift from the central bank to the game
developers.  Weird?

Gambling Banned by Facebook!

The word from Facebook is that they will be banning all gambling
advertising from their website.


BUT, that’s not all. They also will banning

advertising for spy cameras,
advertising for firearms,
advertising for tobacco,
advertising for gambling,
advertising for uncertified pharmaceuticals,
advertising for pyramid schemes,
advertising for nudity,
advertising for all forms of adult entertainment,
among many others.


I thought most of that stuff was already against Facebook’s Term of
Service or Acceptable Use Policy.






Facebook’s stated reason for these bans is to protect the community.

That’s the same reason Communist countries use for their bans and
censorship.  They always say it’s for your safety.  And even the
American government claims their spying on you is for your own


I would think they could come up with a better reason.


The funny part is that even the businesses that can no longer advertise
their wares on Facebook, those same businesses are welcome to create
groups for their fans and players.  LOL