Online Gambling Information Is A Felony!

According to many law experts, just providing information as to
how or where to gamble online could be a felony based on the Wire
Act of 1961.


From the Wire Act:
“…or for information assisting in the placing of bets or wagers
shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two
years, or both.”


1.  If you run an online directory of gambling sites, you might go to prison.

2.  If you mention on your blog some website that is taking bets, you could go to prison.

3.  If you allow someone to advertise gambing on your website you could go to prison.



And in 2006, Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. which
cuts gambling sites off from payment processors.


There’s another side to all these laws.  Many people are paying to play online
games where they might win if they are lucky.  These luck-based online games
do not have names like “poker” or “roulette”, they are called World of Warcraft,
Call of Duty, etc etx.  There are dozens and dozens of them.  Once you are
playing, you can earn, (win), virtual gold that can later be “cashed out” just
like chips at a casino.



Freaky Online Gambling Slots Family

Why “freaky”?  It’s freaky because these online slot machine are
animated in a freaky way.  Not freaky like scary, but freaky like
in funny looking, weird monsters popping up here and there while
you play.


And it’s 3D! So, don’t sit too close!




These slots developed by CTXM, Riga, Latvia,  have a special gameplay
because they have a humorous sense to them.  The 3D effects are said
to be thrilling and they have fully active backgrounds and other components.


New titles Gangster Slots and Vampire Slots, are being released by CTXM with
supposedly, even more realistic graphics and awesome immersion of players.


CTXM claims that for too long the online gambling software business has
overlooked opportunities due to their tunnel-vision-image that the average
player just wants to pump coins into the slot machine.  They have not
realized that these online slot player are are gamers that also want
fun and excitement with their slots.

UK Mayor Robs To Pay Gambling Debt!

Jayne Yeomans, a former Carlisle mayor stole about 40,000 pounds,
(56,000 USD), from Carlisle South End Constitutional Club where
she was entrusted with the club’s funds, to pay off her gambling debt.


She was nearly caught when a new club secretary, Francis Nugent, was
appointed that autumn, but the committee that promoted Yeoman maintained
their faith in her.


And even crazier, she forged her husband’s name so that she could procure
a second mortgage on their house and when she was caught, she tried to kill


This lady needs a lot of professional help.


If only these people would ask themselves, “What will I do if I
get caught?”  Just think it through!


Anyways, she has been tried, convicted, and jailed for 12 months.


She got off easy and she did pay some of the money back, but she still has
a large debt to pay back somehow.