Online Gambling is Financing Islamic Terrorism!

As crazy as it sounds, warnings have been issued to security services around
the world that the ISIL is using the internet, including gambling sites, to
recruit, train, and raise money for it’s continued radical Islam terror activities.




Reportedly, al-Qaeda has computer experts that have created an online University
that is training new recruits so they don’t have to travel to Pakistan training
camps.  They are so sophisticated that they have developed a new generation
of encryption software named: Mujahidden Secrets 2.  The radial Islamics can
communicate freely by email without any CIA, FBI, or any other intelligence
service monitoring them.


It looks like ISIL has the smartest, most advanced computer geeks on Earth.

And it looks like President Obama, the most powerful man in the world, can
do nothing about it.


Rather discouraging, isn’t it?

Minnesota Blacklists Gambling Sites!

Yes, the great state of Minnesota has sent a list of hand-picked gambling sites
that must be blacklisted by Internet Service Providers, (ISP). including AT&T,
Comcast, Qwest, Sprint/Nextel and many others.  These ISPs must not allow
Minnesota residents to access the gambling sites on the official state ban list.






Minnesota actions are sounding a bit like communist China with this censoring
and banning!  Odd that it’s the Minnesota Department of Public Safety that is
doing this.


Anyways, how will the ISPs block the IP of a gambling site that is on SHARED
hosting?  This type of blocking was tried years ago regarding pornography
in Pennsylvania. In that case, the state created a new law permitting the state’s
Attorney General to order certain sites to be blocked due to porn.  However,
that law was struck down in court because it banned innocent websites also.


Officials at the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association have
immediately contacted First Amendment lawyers to investigate Minnesota’s

Offshore Gambling No Protection from Law!

A few months ago, James Giordano, a former bookmaker, appeared in a
Queens courtroom on charges of promoting illegal gambling.  What surprises
many people is that his website was offshore, in the Caribbean.  A lot of
people think going offshore bypasses US law.  Nope!


Giordano took bets from other US based bookies and thousands of individual
gamblers amounting to millions of dollars. His sentence was only five months
in jail.  Pffft.


The real problem here is that the US signed off on a World Trade Organization
agreement with many offshore nations and that agreement does not forbid gambling.


One country, Antigua, complained to the World Trade Organization, (WTO), and
in 2004 the WTO agreed with Antigua that the US was in violation of the agreement.


The WTO ordered the US to comply, but the US Justice Department basically refused
to change it’s “moral defense”.


So, the bottom line here is that it SHOULD be legal to bet offshore, but the
US attitude of “they are above the law” makes it illegal.

Survey Says: Women Outnumber Men In Online Games!

A Nielsen Entertainment survey claims that 64% of online gamers
are female.  Huh?  I don’t think so! But, it makes a great


The articles and press releases that I’ve seen about
this, mention the statistic then quickly change the subject to other
online gaming statistics and then all the different consoles etc.
ect, and so, don’t really discuss that statistic in their headline.



I think the reality is that 64% “claim” they are female. Posing as a female
has lots of benefits and few downfalls.  This same cross gender activity
happens in all aspects of the internet whether it’s a blog, a forum,
Facebook, Myspace, twitter, Internet Relay Chat, (IRC), a game site,
or ANY other place online.


The benefits should be obvious, create a picture of a pretty 19 year old
girl on a Facebook profile with easily attract lots and lots of friends.


The downside is probably a few wiseguy type of sexist comments, nothing
serious when the name of the game is ‘getting the most friends’.