Killing For Money in US

The online game Kwari that started in Europe is now available in
the US.  This type of gameplay is usually referred to as First
Person Shooter, (FPS), and you can actually make money just by
virtual killing.


So, if you’ve been killing monsters, or whatever, in World of
Warcraft, Call of Duty, or other MMO games for nothing, now
it the time to get into Kwari!


Kwari is a free downloadable game, then you buy some ammo for
five bucks and you’re good to go.  Well, there are more things
to buy in-game, but whatever you spend there goes into the
jackpot which you’re trying to win.  Woot!

And they accept: Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

But, take heed, this will not be like shooting ducks in a barrel.
This is a global, massive multiplayer game and there are tons of
expert assassins already online that might pick you off in a


Some say this is gambling, but since it is not based soley on
chance, in fact, there is very little chance involved, but rather
is based on skill, it circumvents the regulations.



WoW Player Loses $1,400 Every Day!

World of Warcraft is one of the most engaging, and therefore, one of
the most addicting Massive Multiplayer Online, (MMO), games and those
players that get TOO involved can make some really bad decisions if
they decide to spend extra money on shortcuts to fame and glory.


Technically, WoW, like any other online game, should never cost more
than the monthly subscription fee that everyone pays, but some players
who have deep pockets and short patience want to buy their way to
success; a higher level character, more weapons, more assests, etc.


One example is a WoW player last year that paid over $7,000 for a
game character that was a night elf rogue which has a very high
level and even had magic powers.





There are several problems with this. Firstly, the character does
not live in the game alone, it is part of a clan or guild and the
other players in that group will notice quickly that the new owner
does not have the skills needed to achieve such a high level character.

Secondly, WoW administrations might also take notice of the in-game
switch over of ownership.  That’s what happened in this case. After
just five days, the buyer’s account was closed.


$7,000 OUT THE WINDOW!!!!


That’s $1,400 everyday for five days!


Thank God It’s Finally Arrived in UK!

Usually I shy away from commercial products or services, (unless I’m
getting a lucrative commission), but in this case, this innovative
gaming chair is just too slick to pass up.


This gaming chair jiggles, juggles, rumbles, shakes, and quivers
all in tune to whatever game is being played.  But what does it cost?
It reclines and gives you a massage.  But, what is the price? It has
headset speakers with 3D sound. It has a cold drink holder. BUT,
how much does the damn thing cost? It also has what they call ground-effect
ligthing, whatever that is.



It works with PCs and Macs.  Oh yah, the massage settings can
be sync’d with game play, how could I forget to mention that!


It also has input ports for steering wheels, shooters, etc. etc.


The cost for this miracle?  Just 225 Euros.


It’s the Renagade Games Chair.  Not sure if Walmart carries it.