Study Proves Gamers Develop Neurotic Behavior!

According to a talk presented at the recent British Psychological
Society’s annual conference in Dublin, the more hours and days
that a person plays games, the more likely they are to develop
neutortic behaviors similar to those found in autism, such as:

general neuroticism,
lack of extraversion,
and lack of agreeableness.




People with these tendencies usually find social situations very stressful.
The shy away from making eye contact and fail to pick up social signals
from others such as boredom. This can cause the gamer to repress into
isolation and fall into depression.


And that could be the reason for more and more hours of games.


The solution is often to improve social skills and break repetitive behaviors.

Is World of Warcraft Unstoppable?

As innovative new games came into the market in 2007, such as,
Age of Conan and Warhammer Online, analysts expected a dip in
WoW subscriptions, but to their suprise, WoW just kept growing
and growing.




At the start of 2007, the number of active subscribers playing
WoW was 8 million but by September the number had passed 9.3 million.


WoW was the most played game with the average player spending about
17 hours a week playing according to Nielsen.  That’s 12 hours
more than it’s closest competitor.


In WoW players create a character and venture out to battle
monsters, find treasue, and complete “quests”, all in order
to earn some sort of points that make their character bigger
and stronger.

One in Ten Gamers Meet for Sex!

A new survey from Trent University in the U.K  says:


Survey Says: nearly 43% of participants had met with online friends in real-life situations.

I say: these people have no real life friends.


Survey Says: the average time spent playing a game online was nearly 23 hours/week

I say: these people need a job.



Survey Says: World of Warcraft was more popular among women participants (60.5%) versus male participants (44%).

I say: why are so many females playing a war game?


Survey Says: World of Warcraft is the largest MMOPRG today, with over 9 million players.

I say: nine million is more than the population of some countries!!


Survey Says: Ten percent of players said they developed a physical relationship with another game player.


I say: those ten percent might be a bit promiscuous.


Gamers Sue Microsoft!


Three Xbox gamers are suing Microsoft for five million dollars because
they couldn’t play Call of Duty. LOL Pathetic little lives. On the
other hand, a clever publicity stunt for them. Although I’m not sure
exactly how that publicity will benefit them.


Surely it benefits Microsoft who operate on the philosophy that there

is no such thing as bad publicity. (Which is why they release their OS

with bugs that will make the news, then fix them later, hopefully.)


But, just try to guess where these three gamers live. TEXAS!


Where they say: “Texas: Come for the Adventure … Stay for Your Wrongful Execution”.




Yeehaw!, Texans are a breed of their own.