Gaming Buy-Outs in 2009

Here are a few the acquisitions in the online gaming and online gambling world for 2009


Aug 31, 2009 Disney to Buy Marvel and Its 5,000 Characters including some of the
world’s best-known superheroes: Spider-Man, the X-Men, Thor, Iron Man and the
Fantastic Four, for $4 Billion dollars! One of the largest buy outs in history.



Sep 8, 2009 Disney Buys Wideload Gamesa a small producer and developer of video
games, based in Chicago.  Wideload Games carries small teams of developers that
prototype game frameworks then outsources full development worldwide.



Nov 9, 2009 Electronic Arts (EA) Acquires Pet Society Creator Playfish. Playfish
also created Restaurant City, and Country Story. Playfish more than 60 million
active player across all of its Facebook, MySpace, Google, and iPhone games every month.



Nov 11, 2009 Churchill Downs agreed to acquire interactive-technology company Inc. in a cash-and-stock deal valued at $126.8 million. Churchill Downs
Management Co., best known for thoroughbred racing, especially the Kentucky Derby,
claims the acquisition was a natural response to a growing trend toward online betting.



Dec 16, 2009  Mangas Gaming, Owner of Betclic and a leading French betting and
online gaming group announces the acquisition of Everest Gaming, a leading european
online poker platform.

Flash Games Are Dead!

That’s what some experts are saying, but after you try
Gem Hunters, you’ll see that Flash games are doing fine.


A new game from Krin and gmentat, Gem Hunters, seems to be picking
up steam in the popularity department.




The object is a journey through different lands to find a lost
treasure of gold.  The journey will be fun and challenging, but
it won’t be easy.


You will constantly be attacked by any one of hundreds of enemies
and you have to solve a puzzle to win each battle. At the same
time, you’ll be rated based on other warriors like yourself.


Available in the iTunes store.

Online Gambling Kills Teacher!

John Reilly, 39, the head of Sandilands Community Primary School in Wythenshawe,
Manchester, was so depressed by the gambling debt that he incurred that he hung
himself from a tree near the school where he taught.  Some students found his body
while they were walking to classes.  Geees!




John was a father of three children.  John ignored his family and friends when they
suggested that he get professional help with his gambling habits.  John and his
girl friend Susan, mother of two of his children, split after Susan discovered that
John was using her credit cards to fund his gambling.


After that split, John moved in with a female co-worker teacher, Ms Stubbs, and
started a new relationship.  According to Ms Stubbs, John hugged her goodbye and
told her that he loved her on the moring of his suicide.


Some reports claim that 250,000 people in UK are classified as problem gambers
and millions more have admitted to gambling in some way in the past year.