Casino Kicked Off the Internet!

Another “fake” post Topic?  NO!  An online casino in Australia
was order to cease and desist it’s online gambling operations
due to it’s breach of Australia’s Gambling Act, passed in 2003.





But Christchurch Casino, (, pulled a nice move in
delaying the shut down until it could sell the business to offshore


Apparently, the Gambling Act forbids accepting bets from Kiwis,
(New Zealanders).  Interestingly, Christchurch ran the casino
under a license granted by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda,
but that offshore licensing did not help them in this case.


It should also be noted that Christchurch casino had been accused
and investigated for money laundering, loan sharking, and general


AND some of the official casino inspectors received free meals at
Christchurch Casino’s canteen for 10 years.


Corruption every where!

UK Police Stop Child Sex Abuse

It’s alarming how many young children, 8-11 years old, are online
playing games without adult supervision.



8 – 11 year olds (source: Ofcom)
56% play computer games.
41% regularly use the internet.
32% regularly use a mobile phone.
7% of 10 year olds have a web cam.


The online gaming world, especially, the unresticted nature of
the online VIRTUAL worlds are a goldmine for paedophiles.  It’s
like shooting ducks in a barrel.


At this age, kids are looking for new friends and they are naive
and easily misled.  They are very susceptible to peer pressure.


The paedophiles know all this and they know EXACTLY what to say
and how to lure a young child into their world of sexual abuse.


In the UK, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)
is distributing a new program to teachers and parents that teaches
them the best safety practices online.


The new program includes challenging games where these young children
and learn and play at the same time.

Online Game Causes Mass Hysteria!

Quarantines everywhere!  Hundreds of bodies dead in the streets. Massive
panic that chased residents out of their cities by the thousands.


The Plague!


It happened back in 2005 in the MMORPG game World of Warcraft. Whew!


So what?
It just so happens that there are some things in the virtual world that
are the same as in the real world.  One of those things is “panic”.  When
faced with an emergency or widespread crisis, the virtual worlds characters
react in a similar fashion as real world people would react.  That makes
sense because those virtual characters are controlled by real world people.


So what?
Well, think what types of mass behavior could be studied by scientists that
enact some sort of crisis in a virtual world: plagues, earthquakes, volcanic
eruptions, a meteorite striking Earth, a large bomb in a public gathering,
on and on and on.


The data collected could be used for crowd control, escape routes, emergency
vehicle traffic control, first responder dispatching, etc. etc.


Bottom line, some scientists have seen this opportunity and are taking
action with it.