Parents Play Games While Babies Starve!

This sounds too bizarre to be true, but a husband and wife in Reno,
Nevada were so engrossed in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing
game that they just did NOT feed or otherwise take card of their kids.


Police say there was food in the house, but it just wasn’t given
to the babies because the parents were to busy with their online


The 10-pound baby girl had to have her head shaved because it was
matted with cat urine, sho also had a mouth infection, dry skin, and
severe dehydration.  The baby boy was treated for starvation and
a genital infection. He also has trouble walking because of a lack
of muscle development.


It’s sort of hard to believe isn’t it?


They could not take just one hour off the gaming to feed and bath
their babies?  Just imagine how often this type of neglect happens
without making it into the news.


No wonder we have so many people going nuts in America.

Online Gaming Police Officer Avatars!

China has created two police officer avatars to patrol the internet
for any illicit activity.  They might appear on motorcycles, in a
police car, or on foot-patrol.






But how do they actually patrol all the web sites and game sites?


This is easy for the Chinese government since they pretty much own
all internet connections.  The two police officers will appears at
the bottom of your screen every 30 minutes as a reminder of online


Somehow, these two avatars will know what type of site you are browsing,
such as, sites that incite secession, promote superstition, gambling,
fraud, pornography, religion,  subversion, gaming violence, etc. etc.


Chinese official have detected 128,000 Web pages with pornographic content
and 244 sites closed down.


Oh well, it’s a communist government so they can do whatever they want.
After all, America is democratic and still the government seems to do
whatever they want.


Go figure.

EU Politicians Ban Violent Online Games!

After two recent violent incidents committed by game-playing youths,
the current EU President proposed a debate on a ban.  So, a bunch
of EU politicians watched a game called ManHunt and all agreed that
violent games like that should be banned.





One of those two violent incidents was a high school student that
re-created his school in a virtual environment for the game Counter
Strike.  Some time later, the 18 year old shot his up his school
killing 37 people before killing himself.


A horrible incident for sure, but, Counter Strike gets the blame?
Come on!  He just as well could have re-created his school on paper
or on some graphic-animating imaging program like the artists use
everyday.  He also could have just walked through the school halls
while planning in his mind.


But wait… these are politicians and they have to do something that
will not offend their donors while looking “good” to their voters.


Oh, one more thing, although it is the EU politicians that are wasting
their time on this issue, it will be up to the individual member
states to actually impose any bans.


End of story right there, because the politicians, (if anything like
American politicians), don’t want to lose their lobbying donors.

Police Say $4,000 Gaming Theft is Just a Fantasy!

Geoff Luurs of Blaine, Minnesota had $4,000 worth of virtual property
stolen from him in Final Fantasy XI and called the cops, but the
cops said fantasy stuff is just fantasy so no crime has been




This surprises me quite a bit since one crime will lead to more crimes
of the same nature.  Probably the Blaine cops don’t know much about
online games and virtual realities.  This crime is really no different
than if a person wins at online poker and that virtual money, (before
he’s paid, it’s just virtual money), is stolen from his online account.


New training is needed for police departments around the country and
that will introduce a new side industry; special virtual trainers. LOL.


But hey, at least Geoff reported the crime to the police as that’s the
first thing any attorney will ask.  That’s what Geoff needs to do next,
call a lawyer and sue the criminal, (in this case, Geoff knows the
criminal’s name and address).