Part 4 – A REAL World Addiction to Online Gaming!

Before I get into the human love for fantasy, look at this confession
of an online gamer.


“I’M 31 YEARS old. I should be out there achieving something,
but I can’t . . . Right now I’m hooked to this digital version
of an IV drip with cocaine in it, and I can’t break free for
the life of me.”  ~


This man is currently in a community based recovery program.


I touched on the ‘why’ of the human love for fantasy in Part 3,
the unhappiness with one’s own life.  This unhappiness comes
from a spiritual emptiness.


Relax, I’m not a Christian and I’m not going to preach any sort
of religion. In fact, religion is part of the problem.  Religion
today does not fill that spiritual void that humans crave. Thus
the haunting feeling of unrest, of something missing.





The only way to fill this spiritual need is some sort of communion
with the Source of our existence and religion by definition can not
do that because all the major religions put the Source, (God),
infinitely above us, and therefore out of our reach.


Actually, communion with God is not really acceptable in the major
religions, I mean, just go ahead and tell people that you are
‘at one with God’ and notice their reaction.  Try telling your minister,
pastor, or priest.  If they are nice about it, they might reply:
“Oh, now nice” or some other such nonsense.  If they
are not nice, they might label you a false prophet or heretic!


You see, it’s not allowed that you elevate your consciousness above
the pastor’s or priest’s consciousness.


The End.

Part 3 – A REAL World Addiction to Online Gaming!

So, why are so many people getting addicted to online gaming?  Even
though the addiction is striking China and S. Korea for the most part,
it will spead to the west eventually.  But, why is it happening?


Ok, so I’m not a psychologist, but I am student of human nature and I
have a right to my own opinion.  So here goes…


The reason is the age-old escape from reality. People in general are
not truly happy with their lives. Many will disagree with this point,
but if you look at their lives, they are probably engrossed in something
that is taking their attention OFF of their reality, like a new love
affair, a new job, a new house to decorate, some new friends to party
with… SOMETHING!  When that excitement wears off, the boredom sets
in and there is also that haunting unrest deep down inside which can
not be satisfied with ‘things’ and toys, or any form of entertainment.






To further prove my point, just look at how much peole LOVE drams,
sci-fi, action-adventure, and any sort of fantasy.


I will conclude this explanation for the love for fantasy in Part 4.

Part 2 – A REAL World Addiction to Online Gaming!

So, in this Part 2, I will try to explain, in my own un-trained,
not-an-expert, opinion why people are not taking online gaming
addiction seriously.


First, MOST but not all, hardcore online gaming is happening in
China and South Korea.  Americans, although they do play a lot of
games are not YET hooked to the same extent as those in China and
S. Korea.  This is also true of the European countries, they are
just not as “into” the online gaming as those Asian countries.


So, psychology, psychiatry, rehabilitation, counseling, etc. etc.of any new
“disease” is likely to begin with those countries most innovative
in those fields, namely, the Western countries that have the expertise
and the money to do the necessary medical research.


Instead of counseling and rehab, China has set new laws trying to limit
the time the under-18 crowd spends online gaming.


S. Korea, at least, has set up some boot camps where they try to break
the online gaming addiction.


But are they addressing the root cause or just putting a band aid
on the symptoms?


When the Western countries feel the squeeze of the online gaming
addictions, then the world will open up to some real solutions.