Online Fantasy Sex – It’s Not a Game!

I’m not sure if there is anything more stupid than a virtual affair
which casues a real life divorce.


But according to Albert Einstein…

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and
I’m not sure about the former.”
~ Einstein


I mean, come on, virtual love? Virtual sex?  And give up your real life
marriage for that?  I guess the real life relationship was worthless.




Ann and David will soon see and end to their three-year marriage because
David was caught by his wife Ann hugging and snuggling with some other
Second Life female avatar.  Weird!


“I caught him cuddling a woman on a sofa in the game. It looked really
affectionate,” Taylor told a reporter.


Oh well, this wasn’t the first time Ann had problems with David’s infidelity.
A year or two earlier, he was caught having sex with an online prostitute in
Second Life.


Hmmm, why get so upset?  It’s all just a fantasy!

100 Acronyms for Online Gamers !

Look like you know your way around the online gaming scene by using these

popular acronyms:



BBIAB    Be back in a bit
Beast mode  Dominating gameplay
dl    Download
Fail    Failure
FUBAR    Fouled up beyond all recognition
GJ    Good job
LAN    Local Area Network
MMO    Massively multiplayer online
NP    No problem
OMG    Oh my gosh
PC    Personal computer
PK    Player kill
RPG    Role-playing game
RTFM    Read the flippin’ manual
sec    Second
TY    Thank you
vs    Versus
GG    Good game
RTS    Real-time strategy
FPS    First-person shooter
LOL    Laughing out loud
IDK    I don’t know
eSports    Electronic sports
GL    Good luck
GTA    Grand Theft Auto
MT    Mistype
NDS    Nintendo DS
pwnd    Owned
SNES    Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Noob    Newbie
Gosu    Highly skilled
AFK    Away from keyboard
char    Character
combo    Combination
FTW    For the win
IRL    In real life
MMORPG    Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
mod    Modification
pwn    Own
sc2    StarCraft 2
ss    Miss
Twitch    Video game streaming website
VR    Virtual reality
Whoa    Expression of surprise
ZOMG    Oh my gosh!
TTYL    Talk to you later
Gamer    Video game player
WP    Well played
MOBA    Multiplayer online battle arena
WTF    What the f***
Trolling    Posting offensive comments
Y    Why
bio    Bathroom
Ditto    Same
dlc    Downloadable content
dmg    Damage
Exp    Experience
GLHF    Good luck have fun
gnite    Goodnight
IAP    In-app purchase
Keke    Korean laugh
LFM    Looking for more
LMSO    Laughing my socks off
ltr    Later
n00b    Newbie
N64    Nintendo 64
NC    Nice call
NES    Nintendo Entertainment System
nxt    Next
POW    Prisoner of war
PS2    PlayStation 2
PS3    PlayStation 3
PSP    PlayStation Portable
Raid    Raid group
rdy    Ready
RNG    Random number generator
ROM    Emulator game
TCG    Trading card game
td    Touchdown
TISNF    That is so not fair
Torch    To beat someone in competition
Uber    The best
W8    Wait
WAM    Wait a minute
WAS    Wait a second
Whew    Expression of relief
WOW    World of Warcraft
YW    You’re welcome
KK    OK
l8r    Later
BM    Bad manner
ugh    Disgusted
ATM    At the moment
D3    Diablo 3
GTG    Good to go
BBL    Be back later
MMOG    Massively Multiplayer Online Game
Woah    Expression of surprise
YT    Your turn
555    Laughing

Wife Kills Online Husband!

Ummm, is this online virtual gaming thing getting a bit out of control or what?


So, here’s the low-down. A Japanese woman who was suddenly divorced by
her husband used his log-in information, (she got that while happily
married), to log into his Maple Story account and kill off his avatar.






She has been arrested, but not exactly for murdering her husband’s avatar,
instead her crime was hacking a computer. heh.  And she is now facing charges
that could bring up to 5 years in prison and/or a fine up to $5,000.


Was it worth it dear?


I don’t know how people come up with these ideas AND think that they
will NOT get into trouble!  I just can’t figure that part out.


In another idiotic case, back in January, a 16 year old boy hacked
into a MMO host and stole over $300,000 worth of virtual money!
Yah, atta boy!  Don’t worry, they’ll never catch you!