Online In-Game Brainwashing!

You’ve seen those pesky in-game advertisements and thought they
are a bit annoying, but you never click on them, so no problem,


BUT, they are influencing you whether you know it or now, whether
you like it or not.  Just like the billboards along the highway,
it’s subliminal; it’s subconscious brainwashing.


However, not all in-game advertising is so subverise. In fact, last
year Cadillac tried something new for them.  Instead of magazines,
TV commercials, or online display ads, Cadillac invited gamers to
test drive their new V-Series Collection luxury vehicles via Xbox
in a custom make high speed driving game called Project Gotham Racing 3.




Over a quarter of a million gamers downloaded their game and put their
new Cadillac modlels through the grueling run. And those gamers raced
the vehicles over 2 million times.


Let’s face it, THAT is online innovation at it’s best!

Second Life is REAL, Not Virtual!

Second Life is supposed to be a virtual playground, a safe place
to frolick, have fun, meet new friends, but actually, it’s more
real than expected.


You can put your money into Second Life’s economy by buying what
they call Linden dollars, (named after Linden Labs, the creator).


You then can buy stuff or you could start a store and sell stuff.
You could start an auction type of business. You could buy from
other “players” and resell in your own store.  You can buy real
estate, even an entire island. Wait a few years and sell that real
estate for a nifty profit.






Hundreds of real-world businesses, such as IBM, which owned 24
islands as of 2006, have invested in the Second Life world.


Does this sound like VIRTUAL?  Virtual means “not real, but close”.
Yet when you spent your money in Second Life, it’s very real.



Second Life also has it’s dark side.  There are pimps and prostitutes,
but no cops.  You can buy all sorts of ‘virtual’ sex acts, things
I dare not mention here.

Online Games – Pedophiles Want Your Child!

Many parents might not realize that the online games their kids are
playing a MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER games with hundreds or even thousands
of players online from around the world AND that these games have
a private message chat feature.


Pedophiles are using gaming consoles such as the Wii, PlayStation and
Xbox to meet children online. So, if your kid says they want to meet
“a friend” from their game, you should definitely PANIC!


Why?  Because your child might now ever come home!


Letting your child play these online games is akin to letting your
child roam around freely ALONE at a circus, carnival, or in a big
city.  At any given moment, there could be dozens of pedophiles
eye-balling your child with totally demented images in their minds.