Millions of British Kids Addicted To Gambling!

The results of a study by the UK’s Gambling Commission shows that
almost one million chirldren are addicted to online gambling! Experts
are pinning the blame on lenient gambling laws that allow casinos,
betting websites, and bookmakers to advertise to TV.




The same study says as many as two million children are at risk of
becomeing addicted to gambling.  Additionally, the reports also found
that s staggering 91 per cent of under-18s had gambled at least once
in their lives.  The study proposes to make gambling-addiction a
public health issue much like smoking and drinking.



Report author Professor Gill Valentine, of the University of Leeds, said:
“The opportunity provided by the internet to gamble in privacy may
exacerbate young people’s ability to access gambling opportunities.”



Some of these figures are not in line with other government agencies
statistics which say that only 250,000 people have a gambling problem
and they are mostly adults.

The Biggest Online Cash Machine!

Gambling websites online have become a billion dollar business.  Although
some countries have made it illegal, other countries, usually third-world
countries that need more revenue), have approved policies that invite players
from around the world.

These online gambling sites usually offer all the same betting that real world
casinos offer: sports, racing, poker, roulette, etc. etc.  And they make it
very easy for players to fund their accounts.


What some people seem to forget after funding their account is that that
virtual money is REAL money that they have spend just like any other online




Also, for the people playing in the offshore casinos, you can’t always trust
that the software is treating you fairly, it could easily be rigged. In fact,
it might be rigged in your favor if you are new, just in order to get you
hooked. You’ll begin to think that you can win all you want and get rich,
but then the rigging changes and you slowly lose your rent money.



7 Ways to Recognize a Gambling Problem!

Whether it’s you, a friend, or family member, being able to recognize a gambling

problem is paramount to taking action and intervening!





As with other addictions, only the person affected can diagnose the
activity as a real addiction. This is because if that person can not
see the addiction and admit to it, there is little hope of geting
over it.


Here are 7 things to watch for:

  1. Spending Large Amounts Of Time Gambling
  2. Beginning To Place Larger Bets And Betting More Often
  3. Growing Debts
  4. Trying To Cut Back On Gambling But Can’T Seem To Do It
  5. Lying About Or Hiding Gambling Habits, Or Refusing To Talk About It
  6. Frequent, Obsessive Thoughts About Gambling
  7. Preferring Gambling To Family Occasions Or Other Social Activities



Anti-Addiction Software is NOT Effective!

It was a nice try, the Chinese government requiring game developers
to code in restrictions on hours of game playing per person based
on the identiy card of players under the age of 18.




The Chinese government is worried and they should be. After all, they
are depending on these kids to become genius scientists and great
military leaders.  The Chinese future has many high-tech weapons to
build and oceans to conquer. Yet, all their kids are just playing
games ten hours a day.


The internet users in China has reached over 162 million and is growing
at about 100 new users every single minute.  Within just a few years,
China will have the world’s largest internet population.


And of those, about 3.5 million teenagers spend more than 40 hours a week
playing online games!


And so, to beat the system, the kids just use dad’s account or another

relative’s account that has no such restrictions.



How about if the Chinese government gives these kids something more
fun to do than sitting in front of a pc screen?